Starting Trouble Poem by Nanthinii Mohan

Starting Trouble

Rating: 4.5

I remember the day, when I wrote my first verse!
Writing a poem was not at all a matter of business for me,
And it was not a colossal chore, when my master asked me to write one;
But, in veracity I have ever written none.

Pondering on great poetic legends and their near and dears,
Their prodigious thoughts crammed my wits;
The proceedings seemed as if they are gliding higher than the clouds;
I am all set and clear nearly for hours.

Then my sister scoffed at me, brother mocked with her,
Granny chuckled, grandpa giggled and of course there was a silencer!
Amazed, to get appraisal even before I moved further;
After all, those are initiatives for an up-and-coming writer.

I astounded that I too got critics, and it made me to move on;
Yet puzzled to find out what they actually mean.
But it made me to climb that unclimbed mountain;
And fasten my mission.

Then with loads of coolness, I took my wand
To wave her magical spell for my deed.
Everything went impeccably organized
Until I got a doubt how to get it started!

(A Dedication To Mr. D. Vijay Devanesan, HOD of English, AVS College of Arts and Science)
Ken E Hall 11 September 2011

Nice way to start everybody has a story and you come forth with a poem that has a story well done with no troubles...regards

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Unwritten Soul 10 September 2011

You own the beautiful poem here to prove that you are born with talent of writing, maybe it's hard at beginning but it stunning :) , me? start with coincident way, but now we understand there must something came to trigger before we really meet ourself, so never feel afraid to try any new things. Keep it up_Unwritten Soul

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