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When you spoke of swing,
I thought of starving.
When you spoke of better living,
I thought of living better.


A golden carpet spread vast and wide,
Bringing us before, a dancing silvery deluge!
As if a new pink bud waking up,
From its deep and deep sleep;

Did you take your name after – paradox?
You let us smile, and you let us cry.
Sometimes you still smile;
But rarely do I see u in tears.

It is the colour of seven threaded in one;
As that of a free silk gown, before the eyes of poor!

It is a greeting to earth through clouds;

Have you ever wish to hear the world's best song?
I do wish, when I hear it now.
I know very well that it was not for me exactly;
yet, it rages my envy why is it always for someone else and not me?

A lovely paradise - she once was.
With birds chirping all around,
Dolphins and whales singing for their mates.
Not even one storm that passed wrecked her;

I'm not a poet
To write about you!
What are all the bits and pieces?
You want me to say:

I remember the day, when I strolled with you!
You cared for me at my very steps-
Holding my arm in yours;
I kept moving by your side- all along the way.

That morning! Seemed to arise late
And I was to get up earlier that day;
No time to feel that salubrious ambiance,
And no minute to yawn or relax!

I remember the day, when I wrote my first verse!
Writing a poem was not at all a matter of business for me,
And it was not a colossal chore, when my master asked me to write one;
But, in veracity I have ever written none.

(An Eternal Being!)

Never dies from world!
Even many a times you burn it-


(The yearning of an infant)

Oh! My dear little fella's!

When you swayed in swings,
we trembled starving.
When you voiced for better living,
we dreamt for some means of existence.

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The Conspiracy Of Silence

When you spoke of swing,
I thought of starving.
When you spoke of better living,
I thought of living better.
When you spoke of happiness,
I thought of our pitiable existence.
When you spoke of contentment,
I thought of resentment.
The life and luxuries enthrall you,
It also makes you awestruck.
But for us it's deplorable,
A mere captivation in liberation.
The life which you commend
Makes us to awe at it.
All the finest belongings were owned by you
And you left us just the sludge and slush.
Is this all happened just because of our birth,
Just because of our caste and creed?
Or is this all the boon we sought on earth?
No, it's because of your transcending power,
Your plunging supremacy,
That rose higher and higher knowing no bounds.
But ours' go not high, but deep in the ground.
And remember, one day or the other;
We'd come out as a tremor,
To breathe the ether;
To reach heights more than yours;
And to rejuvenate a better life
Though we struggle,
Expecting a probability to arise.

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Kannan Ganesan 03 September 2012

The Conspiracy of Silence, Rainbow and Lullaby poems are awesome.Other poems are also sounds good.Keep on rocking.Eagerly waiting for still more poems from you.

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Dwayne Banks 15 March 2012

I liked both Conspiracy and Smile...please keep writing...please

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Nanthinii Mohan Quotes

No feeling is better than the feel that you are actually feeling better.

You don't need someone else's eyes to see yours.

May be life isn't a fairy tale, but it is worth making one

Love is the so many things that eyes fail to see or words describe.

Those close to you always have an upper hand to dig you deeper holes

The entire world may deny you the love you need, but you can always give yourself the love you deserve.

Sometimes, it is the unexpected sources that bring you endless joy and agony at the same time.

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