Emily Drexler


You say I look stupid crying in class but you're teh one with the fake smile plasterd on like barbie, Do you realize that looks just as stupid?
You say I'm going to go to hell for my beliefs but is that your choice to decide where I go?
You say I make things up and start drama, but you're the one spreading rumors about me. Doesn't that mean YOURE making things up and starting drama?
You are concerned when I'm on the floor dying from the pain I've suffered but do you even know that you're the main cause?
You say the reason my father left me is because im too difficult to handle, Do you have any right to say that? I dont think you do, I dont say your dad left because youre depressed.
You say I need to grow up but hunny im scared just like you, so wanna try to do this together?
You say I like drama. Yes, I do, the stage acting drama not the drama that makes kids commit sucide all over the world, but what kind of drama do YOU like?
You say I'm ugly, but I've tried being pretty it never meets your standereds, Do you even meet your own standereds?
You say I'm fake

Poem Submitted: Friday, May 25, 2012

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