Stick To Your Fight Poem by Mac Adrone Adonay

Stick To Your Fight

Are you tired of questions bothering you?
So sick of the burdens coming through,
Be not afraid of things going too slow
You must take a deep breath and let it go

For when the happy days are passing by
And you really do not know about why
Just believe in yourself, my friend, try and try
On every problems, smile first if you will cry

Are some people say something on you?
And you really know the truth, that’s not true
Look at the clock, there are times to ponder
At the calendar, a day for the answer

Are there sad photos in the picture frame?
Is your loving heart toasted on the flame?
Just hold on, you need to learn how to wait
Everything’s fine and not be going late

Do not expect anything in return,
Even you have shown a lot of concern
If you feel weak, keep on being strong
Always remember, expecting is wrong

Are you sometimes making everyone guess?
When inside your heart, the word ‘no’ means ‘yes’?
Sometimes part of growing up is to lie,
But you must reveal it as the days go by

Are there many times you’ve climb and fallen?
And you must get up so brave and sudden,
Hold on, there are joyful days to happen
Happiness shall come to your heart’s garden

If you’ve empty space in your heart to fill,
There are land of dreams and love on the hill
All sorrows of past will going to heal
Just remember, you’re big as what you feel!

My friend, love your life and the way it is
And play the moments you will never miss
There is an adventure waiting for you,
If others can, you can do it too.

Just stick to your fight with your hardest hit
Saying you wouldn’t quit- the way you’ll win it
There is a fight to win, a great day to see
Go on the field, faith is the victory!

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