Still I Rise Poem by Daniel Cook

Still I Rise

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You may bond me up in shackles
From your deceitful cries
You may bring me to the pits of hell
But still, like Him, I rise.

Does my soul upset you?
Why do you try so hard?
Because you have already lost
When Jesus died upon the cross

Just like the morning star,
And a baby to a man
Just like a boy before his newly bride
Still I rise

Do you want to see me tremble?
Shake before your name?
Ask you to show mercy
Pretend He never came?

Does my arrogance offend you?
You can’t bear to hear it
When I speak the name of Jesus Christ
And live by the Holy Spirit

You may shoot me with your fire brands
You may kill me for some nights
You may destroy me with your cunningness
But still, like His praise, I rise

Does my fearlessness confuse you?
Did you think I’d compromise
By giving you a part of me
While deceiving every eye

Off the bed of torture you made
I rise

Out of the path you paved
I rise

I am a tender-hearted compassionate
warrior for Jesus Christ, rejecting compromise

leaving behind you and your lies
I rise

I bring glory to God for his sake
I am a child of god not a follower of the snake
I rise
I rise
I rise

Ray Forever 13 April 2006

One can see the inspiration from Maya Angelou's poem with the same title.

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