Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Stone Cross - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Read weep moan marvel
at drover’s driven dross
while too few sincerely mourn
a far greater terrifying loss;
heartfelt chosen selected life
stone pledged; final solution cross.

Look with compassion upon
shadows bespeaking suffering
sea saved floatsam full stark
face affirming agonized affliction
unveiled herded branded inhumanity

industrialized mechanical process
is more demonically tumultuous
than heaven’s hosts could abide stand
view with nerve frayed stringent
wrenching gutted angelic perfect heart
final fatal fallen orb unleashed depravity
inflicted with whipped screaming insensitivity
without window-dressing a barbaric cruelty
within frosted protective polemics’ mad mind.

Two naked tears screaming come
one for each soulless sightless
eye in streams fevered form
flow from lifeless victim eyes
down hollow gaunt sunken cheeks
years cannot infliction fathom
depths disparaging indentured
genocidal indulgence ghost look
such eyes dread soul expires dies.

Candle snuffed no longer brightly burns
within sensation saturation sodden injured.
Human-less spirit fragmented untouchable
body flexes feeling of a trauma chronic kind.

In another age time another pyre place agonized
beyond measure-able distance far away stretched
crimes committed surpass comprehension civilized
forgiveness murdered discarded remains unquestioned
mounds of broken coke carbon fuel cooked oven bones
pre-cooked unto oblivion new dust cremated termite mounds
mounds lie piled still an aging testament to craven third Reich.

Lining bone manured rows
where giant cabbages
once in time did grow.
Lust bloated bodies juices
souls squeezed spoke mutely
as they devoured dribbled
down demon grinning chins
of Schutzstaffel SS guards
in erected extermination camps.

How did we get here?
From gentle comfort
of a woman’s womb.
Why is it. Evil has survived?
In changing kaleidoscope.

Hatching hideous patterns.
Acid answer is found
in interchanging megalomaniac;
effacing emotion, feeling, locked
within (fragile fragmented)
soul aspiring human heart.
Propaganda. Self serving philosophy
practiced by virulent vermin
who profit manufacture war.

Sole purpose propelling life
destruction. Holocaust.
A man responsible for death
dehumanizing millions.
Killer keywords victim.
In search sowing suffering.
Sleeping conscience abated.

Boundary; blindness, hate, fear. Nationalism.
Arsenal; clubs, whips, violent tension.
Threat. Is trigger stimulant mind controlled.
Cry Freedom Now. Bullet lacks morals.
Sane silence more oppressive than organized outcry.

Hate breeds hate epidemically.
Hate for all things all life.
A soul in chains sieves conspiracy.
Feels all things conspire against self.
Destroy Destroy All Forever.
From face of earth. Strike Strike
All Everything Down. Every Last
Man Woman Child. Animal Bug.
Destroy every City every Tower
every Dwelling. Break every Stone
standing on another. Destroy Destroy
Still. Still it is not Enough. Destroy.

Ruins surround and confront.
Glaring accusations athirst sight.
Charred ruins like convulsed minds.
Victims suffer slaughtered over centuries.
Impaled linger transfixed. Slowly agonizingly die.

No answer is found
to comfort dying cries.
Evil conspires to flourish
as plague sweeping diseased
spores into welcoming pores.
Harboured nurtured developed
growing with power-crests.
Engulfing blackness rides carries
devastates all before selected.

When events happen rage rapidly rabid.
Definitively remain beyond comprehension.
Everything appears becomes threats.
A lifetime of critical injury can be imaged.
Concentrated raged. Into one blow. Murderous.

Though a few nations
heaped verbal venom
scorn upon Hitler. Powerful
demon voice was never stilled.
Even when crippled weakened.
Presence arrested
vibrations external forces.
Unfettered realm
pervades creative analysis.

Time past contracting into present
vortex flux existent continuation inflicted pain.
Carrion birds came fed off rotting.
Living Corpses. Diseased minds like worms
ate as leeches each life holding vein.

Exploited solution washes polluted chemically.
No fresh water flows down such shower drains.
Cries agonized voices torn apart
as nails claw shred concrete walls.
Re-cemented every three wipe-out weeks.
Flesh compressed confined sealed gassed chambers
choked entangled in streams secluding blood.
Children weeping last heard mockery echo.
Reaching for clinging shredding. Bare skirt-less legs.

Collective Guilt Is Groundless.
Guilt is individual as is salvation.
Collective guilt cannot enforced be
laid upon innocence preadolescent.
Vengeance reparations cause wars?

No indictment exists
nor means rationally
for law creating crime
as collective nations
shame blame guilt.

Penalty culpability
regret responsibility
admissions of evils
For the Indictment
of an entire nation.

Least free-born blood
of race righteousness.
Condemned in error.
Cry out from ground
in accusation against us.

Evil must be cleansed
to source malignant.
Before humanity can
collectively throw off. Weight
cavitation chains walk free.

Populations held down bound
in propaganda ignorance hate.
Tyrants proud walk among us.
Living on not as illegal outcasts.
But as charismatic nation leaders.

Cherished denizens. Wielding
strength of demonic disguised
power. Only low. Less cunning
dogs. Are seen face recognized
for who they soul sold do bow.
Throughout human choice ages
have corrupt dark souls misruled.
Then in ages past as present now.
Smearing their mislead Nations.

With individual temptation evil.
As they hostage hold Our World.
In perpetuity. Before
image of the beast.
Until Har-Magedon.

Populations. Are not evil
in conscience themselves.
Though individual evil.
Can overcome a people.
Transform a sane nation.
With propaganda blinded.
Mind putty clay controlled
is shaped at dictator’s will.
Goose-steps into oblivion.

Siddharta Gautama states.
‘To understand everything
is to forgive everything.’

Yet there are amoral men
whose heinous crimes
surpass comprehension.
Therefore forgiveness.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Written 1985? 1987? See also The Holocaust Files!

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