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Me thinks much ink
has been spilt
over the poem;
‘Phenomenal Woman’

May the years unfold gently,
while richly filled
with happiness, prosperity, and peace.
May you ever strive forward, with love

A tale of two weddings
wonderfully writ,
weddings have so many
secret tales to tell,

there is no wilderness
when hearts return
home to primeval welcome

As the rains come and the winds blow
so the days go and the years flow.
The crash of waves the thundering skies
so my love goes on that never dies.

May the sun ever shine
upon your hair
may stardust light your way.
So the glory you enfold

One by one
people you love
walk away.

When I was a young child
about five to seven years of age.
I noticed the neighbour's trees
were dirty and sooty and black.

You asked
if I had
a dark side.

I have seen and liked
silver coins stamped
in ancient Greece Rome

In my heart
I hold a love.
That years
may never wash

of my

In a scene which well
scripted could have been.
Straight out of Indian
inspirational Bollywood.

a caster of killing stones
thy shalt not in judgment be
moral of spoken message
to every nation race creed

There are so many fine ways
to find love to finally win
the trust the heart of so many.

We dropped the Bomb
though we apologized.
Said we’re sorry
in solid cold cash.

‘cubism’ picasso
‘cubism’ unique
‘cubism’ genius

Indomitable will of humanity
to rise from oppression
slavery all odds uncounted

is not

Youth a golden shadow
here but not to stay
like clouds the wind
may chase across the bay

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Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman?

Me thinks much ink
has been spilt
over the poem;
‘Phenomenal Woman’
by Maya Angelou.

Me thinks it is time
I stuck my oar in
had my say;
hopefully in a far
less controversial way.

So I ask all these supposedly
expert men who
read read read her poem;
then see red red red
who is Maya Angelou?

A Phenomenal Woman?

And to a man these reds do not know?

Do they also not know
that it is personal choice;
which poems poets writers we like?
All have differing tastes
all are entitled to their opinion!

Have they never heard
Maya Angelou recite one of her poems?
It brings a smile to my lips my eyes.
I receive Maya’s performance with pride?
It seems no one nobody does it better?

So again I ask do you know?
Who is Maya Angelou?
A Phenomenal Woman?

Wow what odds would you give
on Maya Angelou, a young
African-American girl
ever achieving?
Phenomenal success?

Maya Angelou had her baby
at age sixteen?
She left home at age sixteen
as a single mother?
This is a very hard road in which seeds
of success could never be sown?

At age three and a half
Maya’s parents divorced.
Her dad sent her to Stamps
Arkansas, to live with
her paternal grandmother.
Four years later, her dad
sent her to San Francisco,
to live with her mother.

Marguerite Annie Johnson
experienced legally enforced
racial discrimination.
As a way of life as a young girl
in the American South.
What odds now on ever achieving
phenomenal success?

What happened to Maya
at age seven eight;
God forbid I will not mention.
When Maya heard
her mother’s boyfriend;
had been killed by an uncle.
Maya felt “her words
had killed the man” and Maya;
fell into a world silent.
Maya “did not speak for five years”
until age thirteen;
reunited with her mother.

Did trauma cause mute Maya
“to go mute for five years? ”
Maya recalled, “I thought if I spoke,
my mouth would just issue out
something that would kill people,
randomly, so it was better not to talk.”

I shall not recite in detail
the story of Maya Angelou’s life.
Best you read it for yourself!

Therefore a brief synopsis;
age sixteen supporting herself her son
working as a waitress cook;
already given up talents for music,
dance, performance and poetry.

Then rebirth as phoenix a phenomenal life!
Time you look her Maya read all about it!
It reads like a suspense novel visual screenplay!
This is phenomenal women exceptional lady!
I shall never know Malcolm X; Dr. Martin Luther King!

So who is this phenomenal African-American women?
“Heralded as a great voice of contemporary literature”!
Maya actress, author, civil rights activist, director, educator,
magazine editor, playwright, poet, producer, singer, song writer...
“three Grammy Awards for her spoken word albums”

Maya Angelou has been awarded over forty honorary degrees!

Other honors include the Women in Film Crystal Award (1992)
Humanitarian Contribution Award (1997)
Inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in (1998)
Among Writer's Digest's “Top 100 Best Writers of the 20th Century” (1999)
Presidential Medal of Arts (2000) , John Hope Franklin Award (2006) , Mother Teresa Award (2006) and the Lincoln Medal (2008) .
International Civil Rights Walk of Fame in (2008)
are but a few of Maya’s honours Maya’s many accolades.

Therefore in genuine sincere respect
I bow the head bend the knee.
And to these critic men these reds
I have but one thing to decree.
What God has seen fit to raise up
let no man attempt to tear down in stupidity.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light) Comments

Ricky Lewis 08 February 2010

Though I appreciate your concern for my holy well being, as well as your interest toward my work, I do not feel this is the proper venue to express your desire to make me religious in any way. But your other comments are very nice. There are some good suggestions. And yes, too often have I seen 'God's Power'. I once believed in a god similar to yours. I came to a personal rapture. It has caused nothing but murder and agony for thousands of years. But it is just my belief. You may hold whatever beliefs you feel are appropriate for yourself.

6 20 Reply
Godfried Bastian M 10 March 2010

Excellent! You are the man, my friend!

9 3 Reply
Chris Cradddock 06 April 2010

Excellent poems Terence. Wonderful insight. Continue the inspiring work. Regards, Chris.

6 3 Reply
Tom Yetman 24 August 2022

I am not a fan of Maya Angelou but definitely a fan of Craddock's. This rendition is an example of his ability to transmit depth of understanding.

1 0 Reply
Rekha Mandagere 08 November 2011

Terence's poetry is unique and it has all aspects of life such as social, economical, political and deeply contemplative! I see more of humility and peace in his poems :)

16 6 Reply
Unwritten Soul 02 October 2011

Terence (a constructor of spectral images and painter of light image) is a poet who has big voice on harmony and always scream for peace. If you wonder of this poet's style, for me it really diverse but intellectual is everywhere, and that actually the signature of his write. I feel great to collaborate with this talented writer. Personally i recognise him as a good hearted person, also i refer as faith lover person, in many poem he wrote about humanity, he is one of the person who always encourage me to write poetry in my early time.Thank you Terence. I believe you will find your interest subject in few of Terence poetry.Try some and what you say? Thanks and wish you best, it very deep appreciation to give but no words can speak to me for this poet, Bring us some more victory in your write Terence_Unwritten Soul

10 7 Reply
Talisa Whitmore 30 July 2010

I really like your poems. I think they're pretty great. I will most definitely keep up on reading them.

14 4 Reply
Hd Whatley 22 June 2010

I enjoyed the truthful insights in Gender Imbalance and your use of classical references. Keep up the good writing.

11 5 Reply

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Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light) Popularity

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