A Cup Of Wine Would I Give Thee* Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

A Cup Of Wine Would I Give Thee*

Rating: 4.4

May the sun ever shine
upon your hair
may stardust light your way.
So the glory you enfold
may shine forth like a rainbow
made of elfin coloured gold.

May the wind ever cool your brow
and whisper
to you of wonders
it has seen on other days.
So you may ever walk
in a fresh tender breeze
while the wind serenades sings
for you among the enchanted trees.

Telling you of stories as wondrous
as tints of Autumn’s falling leaves
yet amazingly diverse
like the springtime flight of bees.

Sacred bees should fly
only to the sweetest
of wild meadow flower,
then seek out far flung blooms
treasures that grace
only secret hidden glades.

In remembrance of starset lovers
in consecrated blessing
of their finest hour.

Gathered nectar
mixed on nuptial wind
Greek gods
would bring to me
upon your lips
only could it
honoured be
a cup of honeyed wine
would I give to thee.

Fain would the angels be
when I held that cup to thee.

I would give you wine and song
to bless the startling memory

of first reborn celestial day,
veiled in radiance, you came along.

When you touched my heart
with a love, pure, endures ever lasts.
Took me from cold depths of stone
to a jewel, radiant shines for us alone.

In another world we roam
always together
never more apart

on breath of love
that endures longer
than mere mortal heart.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Hesti Agustini 10 April 2010

To drink such a wine, to write such lines, must be wonderful?

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John Oconnell 15 February 2010

i just wrote a whole comment and the computer messed it up. it was a poem in it self about a beautiful human being - you! thanks for your earlier encouragement. john

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John Oconnell 18 February 2010

this poem is so beautiful it makes me feel like a hopeless case as regards writing. john

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Jo Bananafish 14 February 2010

So beautiful and romantic like a classical Greek Myth. The sun, the stars, all nature worships his beloved, bees gather nectar in tribute to his beloved; which is mixed on the wind and Greek gods bring him 'a cup of honeyed wine' that he then drinks to the beloved she in honor of their love. Its a fairy tale romance.

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there's this jealousy or anything like that in me that also wants to write the way you wrote the poem especially how you use the words... nice write!

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Terry Craddock 29 November 2015

Written so long ago, interesting how my styles themes changed, perhaps I will write again soon, perhaps a few poems in styles I never wrote from among the never written poems.

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Ken E Hall 01 August 2010

Romance and love the axis of our beings explained in rapture here++++10 uavanice day regards

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Ivor Hogg 28 July 2010

a wondrous blessing my friend

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Colin J... 27 July 2010

My mind swooned in the rapture of this poem... And I'm not joking... Truely Beautiful... Colin J...

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Prateep Sengupta 15 July 2010

The spontaneous lyricism of the lines matches so beautifully with the title and theme of the poem. Thanks for providng the readers such a nice poem to read.

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