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I'm 18 and just graduated High School Class of 2010! <3

I love to write poetry about how I feel as well as fanfiction. I have longish dark brown hair that I dye red or purple and Blueish-green eyes with a Hazel ring around my eye. I love Anime soo soo much as well as faries. I am a heavy gamer ^_^! I hate being called Little Lady, but I'm 5'5'' ...

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Destructful Angels

The dark, black Angel of Chaos
Time after time experienced loss
Planning the absolute annihilation
Of those whose hearts are full of sin

Seven Deadly Sins


Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is losing my family
My greatest fear is losing my friends
My greatest fear is reading a book
And not knowing how it ends

Angel Tears

An angel stands at a grave
A white marbled grave
The name Anabelle carved into it
The age of 5

My Wings

My wings are Black
My wings are Strong
My wings are Big
My wings are Long

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Zephyr Eos 08 November 2009

Truly sublime poetry you create both an infusion of majestic darkness and light proportioned profictionly to surmise it's self to something unbelievable... keep that skill well refined... Magnifique

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DELETED NOW 18 June 2008

You are a great poet...I really enjoy reading what u have to offer...and I say keep on writing.

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