Stranded Poem by Jon M. Nelson


I'm stranded and lost after my car broke down,
I'm on the outskirts of a strange, small town.
I walked up to a house hoping to make a call;
I knocked on the door as the rain started to fall.

The door creeps open without any resistance,
As I hear the screams echo off in the distance.
A sudden chill swoops in and fills up the air,
I hear the voices calling me as if it was a dare.

Shadows move slowly but there's nothing there,
I feel as if someone is trying to give me a scare.
I can feel the wind pouring through the halls,
And pictures rattle as they fall off the walls.

I listen to a painful and sorrowful groaning,
Accompanied by a vicious and evil moaning.
There are footsteps on the floor behind me,
But when I turn around there is no one I see.

I holler out to see if anyone was around,
But the echo of my voice is the only sound.
I pause a moment to listen for some more,
As the wind catches and loudly slams the door.

I look around for a candle or some kind of light,
But luckily the moon is shining brightly tonight.
As I keep searching in hopes of finding a phone,
I keep getting the feeling that I'm not alone.

It looks like it hasn't been occupied for years,
But why does it feed on all of my inner fears?
I'm not superstitious so it can't be haunted,
I'll keep walking through this house undaunted.

At least I'll have a shelter out of this storm,
Now I just need a fire to help keep me warm.
What should I burn, since none of this I own?
I just wanted to come find and use a phone.

I'm overcome with a sudden feeling of deja' vu,
And for some strange reason this house I knew.
I have never been in this little town before,
But it is just a feeling, right? It cannot be more.

As the sun starts to rise everything starts to fade,
And it's all replaced with things more modern made.
This house was full of antiques just moments ago,
That eerie feeling inside me is starting to grow.

I hear laughter and talking in the upstairs bedroom,
I holler up to them, but they don't hear I assume.
Now that it's daylight I should probably leave,
This is a story that nobody would ever believe.

I'm going to head out the door and try to walk back,
And I'll just wait by my brand new '55 Cadillac.
But then I remembered I crashed into a tree,
Because it was too foggy, and I couldn't see.

Nothing around here is really what it seems.
What if this has all been just one crazy dream?
As reality and my imagination begin to clash,
I honestly believe that I didn't survive the crash.

Monday, September 19, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: ghost,spooky,story
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