Stranger On The Highway Poem by Jon M. Nelson

Stranger On The Highway

The leather jacket made her look like a biker,
She had her thumb sticking out like a hitch hiker.
Who knows what she was doing walking way out there,
I couldn't just leave her in the middle of nowhere.

I pulled over and she got in out of the cold,
And I started driving her on down the road.
I started to strike up a conversation,
And simply asked what was her destination.

She just asked me to drive as she figured it out,
I could tell that her mind was so full of doubt.
Cruising down the highway and no clue where we're going,
The cruise control was set with no signs of slowing.

I was staring out the windshield at the dead of night,
I had my high beams on for there were no cars in sight.
She would not open up as I tried to make small talk,
She told me to shut up or she would rather walk.

I saw there was a faint glow from a town up ahead,
'Pull into that gas station', she so rudely said.
I stopped to get fuel and perhaps a quick bite,
But I got a strange feeling that something wasn't right.

I heard gun shots as she came running out the door,
She screamed at me to put the pedal to the floor.
I refused to do it because I didn't want to be,
Part of a crazy cross country crime spree.

Her gun went off and I fell to the ground,
Then my tires made that squealing rubber sound.
I was left for dead since I didn't want to be involved,
And I could see myself being a mystery unsolved.

The police were nearby, and they began to give chase,
But the border was close so this would be a race.
The ambulance was coming but as I was waiting,
The lights were going dim, and I could feel myself fading.

When I awoke, I was in a hospital bed,
And there was a terrible throbbing in my head.
The doc said I'd be dead if it was inch to the right,
But I'll always have a scar as a reminder of that night.

The police came in and started their interrogation,
But I had nothing to hide as I explained the situation.
They told me who she was, and they pursued her before,
But for some reason she always comes back for more.

They explained that this time would be her last,
Her reign of terror was now a thing of the past.
I had no more car because it had overturned,
She missed a sharp corner then crashed and burned.

I had quite an experience in that little town,
And they said that her body had never been found.
Now when I drive, I always remember the danger,
And never again will I stop to pick up a stranger.

Monday, September 19, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: story
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