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Strawberry! Death Masquerades! - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

Cannibalized, dead, strawberry, in red.
I crawl to start the slay ov men, mortalised to end.
Murder down to bend, to dust we return, to culmination we send, our victims to be slayed.
In rows, the black craws, croacking like demons.
Demons ov rot inside my mirror, a flashing God for my horror.
Hacksawers ov endless, graveyards in hands.
To worship dead bondage, we slaughter the dark.
We creep to a womb to be born again.
In godless embrace, we lost our route.
Our wideness to see, the light ov old funerals.
We slaughter our sable to be gods again, metamorphosis ov Pharaohs in gold carnates in vain.
In coffins we shriek, we scream to be heard, to godly spiders, in deaf guilt ov rotten bound, to obligation ov their skin or carnage to bleed.
Crawl to my berry, red in tissue, in blood goblets ov massacre, cannibalized so sweet.
I sing with meat, I bleed, I eat, men in rows, virgins ov holes, creeping on knees, crunching my bones.
Our bones ov fruit, in black seeds ov worship, for harvesters ov dark, dead, ruined.
Slaughter, slaughter, terror ov sweet.
I send my men to the hang ov tree, a fruit or a misery, upon my rack, to the flesh ov strawberry.
Masquerades in performing bruises to heal.
Dig, dig, to the last ov earth, from solid our birth, for butchering we mirth.
Drown to the deep, sink in their skin.
Over my walls, leaving pain, in slow fluency, they grow, on cross, nourished insane.
In hang, their sore, from core, in more, in cremating funerals ov lasting black whore.
Come, crawl, stab, out, my brain, to eat, to snap, to shout.
Masquerades ov burying faces from light, alive, in deep, with naked faces to hide.
Behind the smile ov graves we return, cannibalized, fruits ov rot, in corpse smell, smell the blood.
To their deep underneath ov lying faces, feel the beat, ov stink in meat, down to your feet.
Upon themselves, we eat ourselves, from the flesh external, to the blood ov eternal.
My funerals ov strawberry, culmination ov fire, cremation ov a liar, horrified in coffins, to a butterfly in bound, our scattering carrions, with death & sound, in deals ov soil, in shrieks ov ground.
We send the Pharaohs, my reapers ov silence, in gruesome coldness, for angels ov death, for the solace ov dark, for monsters ov divine, for slayers to the end, we fight to send, bending to worship.
The rape ov beast, I'm the beast ov fear, for butchering we shriek, in sacrifice ov wrath.
In screams ov forbidden, in rituals ov ultimate, in bones ov fruit, cannibalized, dead, strawberry, in red.
For lips ov maidens, from soil they were born, to coffins we send them, to the lasting earth ov guilt.
We send our solace to the dark, to heal their smiles.
Beyond the smile ov a virgin, a grave is born, locked until the end, behind their veils, a scream is born, beyond their reach, disgust ov mourn.
Miraculous funerals ov decapitated, . to slaughter the monsters.
In raw flesh we burry them, burning wet virgins, for demons they're croaking.
In transformation, in mirrors, their bones, bones ov fruit, in heavy stones, upon their breasts, suffocators, the black craws.
In slime I was born, to graves I'll crawl, to the end I'm alone.
From cannibals in flesh, from pus ov beasts, in fangs ov virgins, their shrieks, their creep.
I'll raise my orients, to scream the horror, unleash a scandal ov no crime in fire.
I'm the murder, I'm the suffer, I'm in vain, I'm ALIVE.....

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  • Kelly Seale (9/19/2012 8:21:00 PM)

    This is very well written, I am just nuts over your style of write! ! ! Love it! ; -)

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