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I need to up my bio a little.First thought, I Write to manage stress with a pen, I need to understand how to bring it down, Draw the reader in
So they will can have a deeper feel for my writing.It keeps me off the couch.
Some say I should use pills....To control the ups and downs,
If I did that I would not have any poems or any really great friends on P.H.

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Clarissa Tobey 15 April 2008

I love being your friend on P.H. you make my poems better thank you clarissa

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Sílvia Oliveira 08 January 2008

Have read only two of your poems so far. Intend to read more as they seem to be the style I do aprreciate! Congratulations on getting your feelings popping from your heart-pen straight to the paper and then to our (my) senses! Sílvia, from Brazil

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Kathryn Miller 23 May 2006

You are a wonderful poet! You are excellent in putting feeling in your poems! Yours, Kathryn

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The Best Poem Of Howard Johnson

Funeral End For My Friend

I am standing at your funeral
Ready to say good bye

I am standing here
Ready to cry

Memories for me to recall
Of my first ball

Climbing tall trees
Skined up knees

Swinging High
Touching the sky

When I returned
Your arms were there

Wraping me
With warmth comfort and care.

I am wondering why
This could'nt last?

Ending Days
Of my childhood past

Grave site train
Tears turn to torrid rain

Good bye mother
There never will be another

Sadness is my care
My heart has a tear..

Outside waiting funeral hearse,
Taking from me, without coerce,

Your touch is far away
Angels guiding your way.

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Howard Johnson Popularity

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