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Her fingers long and slender
As to the rest of her
Wonder how such frailty could, labor

I am standing at your funeral
Ready to say good bye

I am standing here

The place like twilight
Parting between sleep and thought
Not quite across the threshold of unconsciousness
In its door way

A large willow tree
Still budding
With small leaves
Taking in warmth

My tree will know it all
The tree of my childhood
With the endless branches
And the many whispers

And service
Seprates us from,

The measure of a Man/woman

Is not the amount problems he/she has

In a drawer
Behind some forgotten
Necessities of life
That cannot be thrown away

Creative thoughts-I let them dance alone
On empty shores of hopeful bliss
Their beauty can my life enhance
As your tender kiss

An unsewn day rises from yesterdays dust
it's a new day to darn
a choice of many colors
Empty canvas

She is strong and I am not
She filled a hole in me that was hard to spot
I am greatful for that she gave to me
At risk it may be


Lonely and in the dark of night,
Void of comfort, security and full of fright,

I carry my weight of loss and wanting you.


It rained stars last night
Over a black umbrella
They rolled across darkness
Scatter like silver marbles

I Try to read the verse
Line to line
'Skype' pops in
And stops the rhyme

The last rays depart
Darkness created emptyness

Tonight as I put myself

I build my castles every day....
And tear them down, again in such a way,
And it is quite a wondrous way to play,
When life is hard and full of pain,


Love is fleeing
Requires daily work to grasp its fashion
Like black and white rainbows

Paper is beauty
If you look with
Your heart
Your mind

Howard Johnson Biography

I need to up my bio a little.First thought, I Write to manage stress with a pen, I need to understand how to bring it down, Draw the reader in So they will can have a deeper feel for my writing.It keeps me off the couch. Some say I should use pills....To control the ups and downs, If I did that I would not have any poems or any really great friends on P.H.)

The Best Poem Of Howard Johnson

Garden Lady

Her fingers long and slender
As to the rest of her
Wonder how such frailty could, labor

Seen with dirt under nails
Her drive is a better world
She has gone further
Than just a frail young woman

Her fingers long and slender
With the smell of future flowers
Soon will give you much to see
Exceeding your garden needs

The plants she sows
They are hardy
They will grow
Through heat
Through neglect
She will give you what you expect
And tell you not to neglect

Keeping them alive is nothing new
Seedlings comming through

In a secret garden
Away from the cruel....

She holds a thornless rose
Timeless and fragile
Pretty and pink
With other pastel inks
The blossoming is forever
In her heart
A model for all to know
For no other could grow

Another season begins
Life lush and green
That is her nature
Fingers long and slender

Howard Johnson Comments

Clarissa Tobey 15 April 2008

I love being your friend on P.H. you make my poems better thank you clarissa

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Sílvia Oliveira 08 January 2008

Have read only two of your poems so far. Intend to read more as they seem to be the style I do aprreciate! Congratulations on getting your feelings popping from your heart-pen straight to the paper and then to our (my) senses! Sílvia, from Brazil

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Kathryn Miller 23 May 2006

You are a wonderful poet! You are excellent in putting feeling in your poems! Yours, Kathryn

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