Summer Romance

Rating: 5.0

Summer romance
Our game of chance
Lost in a trance
Perpetual prance

Felt like forever
No thought to sever
Took no measure
To part with the treasure

Was a bad boy
This was my ploy
She was just coy
Loved her new toy

Our world was lit
The past a dark pit
Adored being bit
Or grabbing a…

Danger in the air
Always a scare
Looked for the bear
Who was never there

Trip to the beach
With my heavenly peach
Wolves tried to leech
Luckily no breech

The ending was swift
No parting gifts
A lot to sift
After this rift

Returned in a daze
Banished the haze
Yet despite the craze
So much to praise

Romeo Della Valle 02 August 2011

A very beautiful and well penned poem that really touched me. It reminds me of a poem I wrote some time ago titled: A SUMMER'S NIGHT. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to read the rest of your poems and enjoy them like I did with this one.10+++ Keep inspiring the World with your poignant writes! Love and Peace for always! Romeo /Bronx, NY....

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