Yoni Assis Poems

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Smooth Like That

Electric urban night
En route to the site
Every detail just right
I'm smooth like that


There they go
Look at the show
Climbing into the heavens
All lucky sevens

A Dialogue Ii: A Woman Is A Woman

Man: Anna, do you love me?

Woman: Je ne sais pas

One With The Night (A Park Scene)

I sit in the park, waiting
Patience slowly fading
Nerves start grating
Almost begin praying

That Year's Autumn Leaves

Darling, do you remember that year's autumn leaves?
Perhaps it was your aura, but they were the prettiest and keenest I've ever seen
Strolling through the park, hand in hand, the foliage crunched lightly under our feet
Such a simple, yet transcendent, treat

Maiden Voyage

This is our maiden voyage
A journey to the stars
You, I and the vast ocean blue
Forecast: smooth sailing as far as the eye can see

This Spectral Love

That girl, she loves my jazz

Eyes closed, she twirls

A Dialogue

My dear chap, what a pleasure to see you again!
Sit down, sit down, make yourself comfortable
Some sherry?
I still have those cigars you liked so...

Where Is She?

O, where is she?

I’ve waited years

Ballad Of The Power Couple

She's the first thing I see when I wake

She's the last thing I see when I go to sleep

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