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Lauren Sydney 21 January 2016

flooded with emotions after reading thru your array of beautiful, heartfelt, witty, humorous prose. Write more for us YA! ??

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Jennifer Whitney 02 June 2010

A great writer who is both creative, and honest.

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The Best Poem Of Yoni Assis

Smooth Like That

Electric urban night
En route to the site
Every detail just right
I'm smooth like that

Smoky haze
Still I meet her gaze
I advance, unfazed
I'm smooth like that

I sidle up
Throw a witty remark
Hitting the mark, igniting a spark
I'm smooth like that

Our friends disperse
Leaving us immersed
I catch her tumbling purse
I'm smooth like that

"Seeing anyone? "
"No, " she replies, "still looking for The One."
"Ain't it tough in this town? "
I'm smooth like that

Crowded bar
Counter too far
I navigate through like a star
I'm smooth like that

Hand her her drink
Some concoction in pink
I tease her and wink
I'm smooth like that

Getting bolder
I playfully touch her shoulder
She begins to smolder
I'm smooth like that

Now's my chance
I pull her to dance
She's soon in a trance
I'm smooth like that

I walk her home
A stone's throw from the Dome
On the spot I conjure a poem
I'm smooth like that

Invited in
Tempted to sin
Yet thoughts spin
Is this really a win?

I politely refuse
Not right with all that booze
But don't sing the blues
"How ‘bout lunch tomorrow at two? "
She knows I'm smooth like that

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