Suicide Love Poem by Kenneth Davis

Suicide Love

Did you ever hear
of the phrase loving you so much it hurts?
This holds true no more
than it does for me, every time my eyes gaze into yours

I experience all the symptoms
one would before suicide or would while in love.
Everything from increased heart rate to increased blood pressure
every time I see your smile.

When I see you smile shine
Brighter than the brightest full moon,
I find myself sort of breath
trying to find the words to say, but nothing comes out.

Hand in hand with this shortness of breath
my breathing rate increases.
For with breathing slowly, I can almost slow down time
as I take in your beauty minute by minute.

Weirder still with my lowered breathing
my heart beats faster and faster.
As my blood rushes to everywhere, but my brain
probably explains why my body freezes up when I see your body coming closer to mine.

The thought of you is killing me day by day, because I care for you so much.
I try to forget you and leave you behind,
but for every second I spend talking to you, looking at you, and being with you,
is a second more I wish for to continue to drift in the fantasy.

A choice of how to live to die or die to live
Thinking about you day by day not holding you in my arms kills me softly,
but the thought of my life without you would kill me instantly.
I would rather choose to live to die

Even though I chose to live to die,
Truth be told I am living for you.
The thought of one day seeing you again outside of my dreams keeps me on life support
dreaming of feeling your warm, soft skin in my arms is a dream I would never want to wake up.

Truth be told I would die for you as well
For thinking of my love for you hurts so much its killing me
Thinking of you, I may be committing suicide, it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make.
For I would rather die loving you than to die without you.

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