Sweet Venom Poem by Uche Nwanze

Sweet Venom

Beauty is a double edged sword, she cuts you on both sides.
She inebriates like strong wine. She can make or mar you. She is a sweet poison.

Beauty is a Beast, she can devour you.

Beauty is a Bitch, she screws you.

Beauty is Vanity, she gives you everything and takes it away.

Beauty is Pride, she gets into your head
and consumes you.

Beauty is a Bride, she woos you.

Beauty is Venom, she stings you

Beauty is elixir, she heals you.

Beauty is Wealth, she spoils you.

Beauty is the Sun, she gives sunshine to your gloomy world.

Beauty is Charm, she seduces you.

Beauty is an Enchantress, she traps you in her lair.

Beauty is Pain, she inflicts you like thorns.

Beauty is Fame, she takes you everywhere.

Beauty is Celestial, she takes you to the
seventh heavens.

Beauty is Cerebral, she is a genius.

Beauty is a Weapon, she catches you in her web.

Beauty is Chaos, she stirs the hornet's nest.

Beauty is Prowess, she is an Amazon.

Beauty is Bliss, she puts smiles on your face.

Beauty is Power, she corrupts you.

Beauty is perspiration, she drains you.

Beauty is Inspiration, she takes you
places you never dreamt of.

Beauty is a Slayer, she sweeps you off your feet and abducts you in her gaol.

Beauty is a Poisoned chalice, she refreshes your crushed spirit and pushes
you down the abyss.

Beauty is Lethal, beneath her smile danger lurks.

Beauty is Forever, she stands the test of time.

Beauty is a double edged sword, she heals and kills. Be wary cause she can make or mar you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty
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