Naved Sabir

Switzerland - Poem by Naved Sabir


One of the big dreams
Some of us espouse,
To the limits that the flames
Of such desires wont easily douse,
to be in the Mecca of a dreamland
Its Switzerland yes Switzerland.
You see a place
Crafted and chiseled
Snowed and drizzled
Like Limmat avenue with array of homes
Spires of churches worth many Romes
old class and modern times
tuned to Godly chimes
Nature and man
As if reached
An spiritual sky,
Heart and mind
Body and soul
Reaching the omnipotent high.
There is you know the UNO
There is the great Geneve
The humanity in its pinnacle
As if there was nothing ever to grieve.
Through its roads, lakes
And rivers meandering
The beauty of nature
God’s painting in eternal rendering
Snowy peaks of jungfraujoch
Moving glaciers you ogle by the rock
Flying birds making bee lines
Under the clouds while cool sun shines
The breeze the aroma
the cool waves that waft,
The dreams are caught floating
Until none in mind are indeed left.
If the world ends, life ends
So would the dreams,
For nothing humanly as if
Could reach beyond reality of such realms.
One thing all said and defined
Worries me for reasons not so refined
That while we cherish and praise high
Swiss land, rivers, clouds and sky
Is the money stashed here and junked
Having had country after country flunked
That why standards are double
Is that dreamland indeed a moral rubble
The Godly abode
reduced to economic bubble
Money is oft evil, evil oft for money
Then why money of all evils,
is welcome in its banks,
Why there is blanket pardon
Whatever its origin, colour or ranks.
Swiss have had these real pranks,
purposely looking sideways
Letting all filthy money
Through high moral gateways.
This heaven and hell of human faces
Weekening faith.......left in traces.
If evil had designs
Then swiss treasury is well manicured,
All morality feigned to sidelook
While just economy is secured.
At the end of the day
Money is nothing but just paper
But don’t you feign ignorance
World can now read all of your caper.
Its not that we stop liking
The land of the dreams,
Lest unless whole humanity is hollowed
Only richness left to its own screams.
What a waste
As beauty is lost for bounty
It is full of offers
And full of coffers
It won’t be sooner than later
That it will be the den of looters
May be they are already in charge
Though only in white collars.
Churches are aplenty
Gospels more
The land so specially carved
And charmed by St. Peter
Will be a pity
If left to decay and peter.
Lest the ideals of capitalism
Drive out all other isms
Lets us save our dreams
For dreams and hope
Are synonyms of life
Let us drive out the scorn
Let us recapture and readorn
Let Swiss and their land
Reincarnate and reborn.

Limmat = Main river in Zurich, Switzerland
Jungfraujoch= highest mountain in Switzerland

Additional Views of Author: I had written this poem several years back and now we are hearing that changes in banking laws are on the anvil. My salutations.

Topic(s) of this poem: corruption

Form: Free Verse

Comments about Switzerland by Naved Sabir

  • Chinedu Dike (10/11/2015 8:07:00 PM)

    I like the way the poem captures the beauty of Switzerland, and the bad side of its banking sector - a safe heaven for ill-gotten wealth by criminals and politicians around the world. It's a well articulated piece of poetry insightfully penned with conviction. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing Naved. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON. (Report) Reply

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  • Kelly Kurt (9/22/2015 7:16:00 PM)

    A wonderful, descriptive poem of a magical country. Nicely written, Naved. Thank you. (Report) Reply

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