Tainted. Poem by Zeh SheZ


Time stood still as she pondered this truth.

She came to accept that she was tainted, and no self respecting man would want anything to do with her. She was divorced; a divorced woman. Therefore if she married anyone, she'd be committing adultery. Also, if any man were to take her for a wife, he'd be committing adultery.

She wished the Word of God had gone on to proclaim what the situation should be if the woman divorced her adulterous and abusive husband. Would she then be considered to be committing adultery if she married someone else? On this aspect the Word is silent. And she dared not add what is not written.

Therefore, she chose to make peace with her situation. She focused instead on being joyful with the joy of Lord, and draw her strength from that. She could see no other way to live her life, even though she thought she had so much love to share in a loving and intimate relationship. She had to erase and abandon such thoughts. She decided to trust the wisdom of God's precepts without question.

She is tainted.

Monday, May 13, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: belief,divorce,inner peace
This offer is neither descriptive of, nor prescriptive for how other people ought to live their lives. In the final analysis, no one can believe and decide for another what to do with their lives. This woman is simply giving utterance to how she sees her life going forward. If this too is an error, she's willing to learn and grow from it. For now though, in the greater realm of being, she is at peace with what she chooses to accept.
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