Take And Give Poem by Jon M. Nelson

Take And Give

If I feel that I have hit rock bottom,
I will find a way back to the top.
When it feels like I can't keep going,
That's when I know that I can't stop.

If I have to pick the easy wrong,
Or choose the difficult right,
I know that I will be at peace,
Because I'll always win that fight.

When I'm crawling through the dirt,
I know that I will come out clean.
Because even though it is hidden,
I will make my strength be seen.

When I get pushed to the edge,
I will find a way back to the center.
If my fantasies and dreams all exit,
There will be new ones that will enter.

If all my hopes vanish into thin air,
I will still stand on solid ground.
When it seems that all is lost,
All my hopes can still be found.

If I ever get lost in the darkness,
I will always look for the light.
For if I ever become blinded,
I'll find a way to have the sight.

No matter what, I will move forward,
Even when the world holds me back.
I always try to keep the future bright,
For it will eventually fade to black.

I look at life and try not to condemn,
I find it easier to always forgive.
In this world there is too much take,
But there are still those willing to give.

Monday, September 19, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: life,inspiration
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