Take My Life Away! Poem by fefe alhameed

Take My Life Away!

Dear GOD...how are you today..
i wanted to say how beautiful it is out side today.
GOD i want to ask something form you.
i hope you dont mind.
cuz all i have is you on my mind
iam soo sorry for every bad deed i have done
i will try very hard and my best not to hurt anyone.
GOD i wish for something.. something i know you would never do...i wish you would take my life..i will still live after life...i just want to be safe with my mom and dad....i know iam supposed to live happy...
but liveing happy dosent mean ill die happy..i want you to do this one thing.. for me
so that no one will ever think i have no one.. and have no one that loves me.. no more i can take
take my pain away.
just take my life away! !

Ejaz Khan 14 July 2009

That's not a good wish my child, you're so young, you should think of beautiful life and all the wonderful things God has given you in this life and not those few problems you may have. Sorry, I can't tell you that it's a good write!

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