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Alluring, self-absorbed
Perfidious, conceited
Deprived of candour
An insignificant drop


Flying high with broken wings
Troubled minds and busted hearts
Howling winds shall long for calm
When concealed secret imparts

As the situation unfolds
New techniques are devised
To control and imprison
The weak, the meek

Each time the yearning hearts try
The doors leading to perception remain closed
The laws of physics but fail
Defences of rationality break down

Not just oceans are effected
Priarie dogs and wolfs howl
Lunatic dreams of great fortune
Stealthily walks to beggar’s bowl

A man, claiming to know the truth
Needs to be rejected right away
As the more one knows
The more it’s obvious

Swaying between lucidity and insanity
Turmoil turning in false tranquility
Fears soothed by twisted beliefs
Rationality drowned in excitement of expected rewards

The stone-hearted savages, risen from the darkest pit
Exhibit brutality base
A disregard for life, all accepted norms
Seeking death and destruction

The great Alchemist mixed the pain with pleasure
Letting go all that he held as precious treasure
Confused between dreams and reality
Seductive ways and morality

The end of consuming conflagration brought
Sixty nine years of fragile peace
With flames kindled everywhere
Overshadowing, plaguing the terrified multitudes around the

The Best Poem Of Ejaz Khan

A Toy

Alluring, self-absorbed
Perfidious, conceited
Deprived of candour
An insignificant drop
In a boundless ocean
Ignorant of the fact
Out there in realm of deceit
He’s nothing
But a puppet on a string
Just a toy
In hands of gods
All fragile, all vulnerable
With free will or without
As the true meanings
Of principle divine
Remain hidden from his perception

Ejaz Khan Comments

Roukaiyah Bibi Joomun 29 June 2010

hello eijaz your poem is very very beautiful.i like to read your poem.i hope i can read more beautiful poem.

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Ritty Patnaik 16 February 2010

a dear friend, and my favourite poet......his poems comes clean....straight from his heart, and he knows what he is writing about.touching others with his wisdom and leaving them to ponder over his thought provoking wise writes!

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Kesav Easwaran 03 November 2009

I am in this site for almost two years now. But took up reading Ejaz only a few months back. And wisely I did. Ejaz is a poet with a broad universal heart. His words bear a class of their own. His expressions maintain a beauty a decorum a power in all his poems.

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Akram Saqib 10 October 2009

I read a lot of poems and comments of Mr.ejaz.He really loves poetry and write from the inner self.

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rago rago 13 June 2009

a good write..........

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