Talented To Evangelize Poem by Obed Akuma

Talented To Evangelize

Confidence in you He has
Bestowing a treasure He has
For you to have
For you to develop
Strength He has
To you imparted
That Him you may serve
While you deserve
That talent He bestowed
Your shoulders upon
Talented to evangelize

A talent to evangelize
Makes you a professional called
To call others to the fold
For He has already conquered
For you to conquer
Those who are unconquered
His power to use
To none’s glory but His
And His glory yours will be
When a soul you win
Talented to evangelize

A talent to evangelize
An epitome of, He was
On earth He trotted
In professional evangelism
His work with exactness executed
His professionalism tailored in heaven
Yours maybe so
If in Him you trust
Your energy to thrust
A soul to bring to the fold
Talented to evangelize

The earth He dominated
His skills He displayed
To work He was committed
Idleness in Him was not
Time He well utilized
His self not to glorify
His will not to perform
One purpose singly He had
His Father to reveal
His Father’s will to perform
Talented to evangelize

Your fields also dominate
Your skills to display
Your work to perform
Your work to commit to
His purpose to execute
Yourself decrease
In Himself increase
His will to reveal
To none but your colleagues
And forget not your neighbor
Talented to evangelize

In Him stand daily
In Him live daily
To Him surrender wholly
His promises stand upon
Your faith to exercise on
This strait path travel upon
The path of righteousness
The way of blessedness
And live a life of abundance
Talented to evangelize

In Him all professionalism converge
From Him all professionalism diverge
To nowhere but entire human race
His talents utilize
Gaining even the more
For evangelism give
All that you treasure
Back the treasure will come
For His treasure you are
His Heart in you is wherever you are
Talented to evangelize

Obed Akuma

Obed Akuma

Nyamira County, Kenya
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