Tales From The Road Less Taken Poem by Sven Rhoads

Tales From The Road Less Taken

I have walked a way that not just anyone can go
A path of desolation that could turn your heart to stone
I've been burnt alive and frozen to the bone
I've faced every trial, every burden completely all alone

I wear the nomads scars deep down into my soul
These blue eyes are carry more than my own weight
Felt the caress of no one truly understanding
The fine print must've told of my revealing fate

To give advice from the other side
Still seems so strange to me
Of love and loss when I'm walk with only my shadow
To give a glimpse into clarity
A whole new perspective to see
They seek the words from the tales of the road less taken

And when you feel the darkness drawing on you
Why do you seek a light from my spectrum
When so many shield themselves from the truth
Or just seek for me to be condemned

The neutral party brings you some solace
When the questions need to be answered
To stand in the divide and not on either side
You can hear each others battle cries
So dont be burdened from weight of the world
Step out into the great unknown
Give your senses a chance to breathe the air
And solidarity you will hone

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