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Our eyes met when we looked beyond the metal cage
A glance of uncertainty and of unknowing fear
Sitting side by side a bond was forged on life's stage
Injected into my heart you were one I held so dear

I've felt the beating return
The single spark to let it all burn
You stand beside me, devotion in your eyes
And deep inside me I could never deny

Eyes open before the dark stream
How it all feels like a familiar dream
The journey is coming to a close
A brand new place I swear I know

Behind the blue that looks out into the universe
Seeking the sanctuary of the soul
No more trying to make the best out of the worst
Only needing to take back control

This fight that I must come to win
Against the hands of gravity
The waves are growing taller
As the seas begin to rise

In this room where I stare at these walls
Portraits of what I need to achieve before me
Reminders of all I am and how far I've come
The clock peels the hours until freedom calls

Feel it rising inside
That emotion you know wont be denied
To tear down the walls from the box you've been in
Until the light of day can reach your skin

I saw the tears stained on a pale white cheek
Couldn't speak of a future that became so bleak
Bent and twisted became the world I know
Simple as blood became it was all I could sow

As I lie on the ground with blood upon my hands
My breath is growing shorter but not surrendering to any man
My love, don't fill your eyes with tears tonight
For nothing will keep us apart, we will fight

When I was just a small spark set into the night
Past over by the stars always burning bright
Lost within the darkness where I would retreat
But the swelling hunger will not accept defeat

Deeper than the roots that reach into the earth
You are more than you could ever comprehend
Like a wave crashing over,10 fold became your worth
The affection rushing over is not one to pretend

My blood has fallen upon the ground of my fathers
Who gave their lives to keep the purity flowing
The winds still sing of all the battles they've fought
So that their names may never be forgotten

This night that has weighed heavily on my heart
A cardiac arresting dream that's eating me alive
In the fight for my life when everything goes dark
At the twilight hour its a war just to survive

Medusa made a man from her sinister gaze
The cursed sorrowed soul that I now call me
No love flows in these veins, nothing in this heart
I walk alone in the pouring rain, together to never part

I feel the crave that cannot be denied
Like barbed wire wrapped around my mind
Your seductive eyes and scorching smile
Melting the will to remain in control

I see lines are drawn with fire and gasoline
All the monsters with their eyes so green
Severed the ties that once made humanity
I stand from afar to get a taste of clarity

You burned my world and left no stone unturned
All that was me has been blown away in the wind
Destroyed by the betrayer with silver tongue
This is not over, I cannot let you win

Skin as soft as velvet caressing my heart
Reaching deeper than where any have reached
Eyes like stars on the ocean to reach into forever
Singing the songs of sirens in seductive speech

Alone I gaze at the figure before me
Who is this person that looks back
Has my image fallen into obscurity
This creature has come from the black

I feel your soft skin as I take your hand in mine
Please hear these words that hid under my tongue
For this oath I take is not the words of the divine
But from the beat in my chest that pounds just as one

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Kindred Spirits

Our eyes met when we looked beyond the metal cage
A glance of uncertainty and of unknowing fear
Sitting side by side a bond was forged on life's stage
Injected into my heart you were one I held so dear
As time goes on our union turned to the iron strong
Two lost souls were slowly melding into one
This holding divide wont keep us apart for long
Until we both rose to greet eternity in the rising sun

And in my heart you forever beat in synchronization
Those empty islands have formed one proud nation
Love fed fire that defied with white hot determination
That nothing would keep us apart from one another

We understand without words even being spoken
Like the blowing winds have given us this token
And no one will take it away, we'll be together in the coming days
We entwined our souls and found the perfect match
Locked behind closed doors, we were the key to the others latch
And no one will keep us apart, we are kindred spirits at heart

When time comes to call you home forever
I will watch crimson tears fall from my stopping heart
Let no angel wings of the whitest of all feathers
Keep this love for you from where you now depart
And in your memory I will etch into my skin
The ink of immortalizing for your memory to remain
No matter what will be, you're here with me within
Through the brightest sunshine and pouring rain

When my bones turn to dust and breath expires
I will find a way with our love's burning fire
Wait for me at the fence because you I wont forget
I will come to see you again, but for now... not yet

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