Talking To The Leaves Poem by Adrian Antique

Talking To The Leaves

Hello my leafy friends -
Except for your size, shape, and color …
To my eyes, you all look alike
And I see myself in you -
Nowhere else to go, no window, no door …
Almost voiceless, like softly singing without a mic
Just smiling in your own island, so alone and true.

I know you also watch the birds
As they fly by with pride in their wings.
Your silence and your rustle are your words.
And I deeply think you also hate leavings.

I love it when there's some wind
And you sway
To a rhythm only we can see …
Like we're all in the palm of earth's hand,
Moving as we lay
And reaching for the skies, wanting to be free.

And yet, you stay
Within the curves and corners of your dwelling place.
Never heard you complain
Even when I feel you're in pain.
If only we could find a way
For my heart to turn into your face …
Maybe raindrops could somehow wash away the stain
Of my life's farewells that has become my sweet refrain.

Now, I know why …
Although most of you are different shades of green,
Many are red and quite a number have threads of yellow, blue, and white.
The hue of creation was maybe etched in your every sigh
And I may have joyfully brought you here from where you have been …
Yet, the glow of the sea, the moon, and the sun shall always be your light.

Love then is you waking up in your earthen mangers
When you see me with my grin and my pail of cloud rivers.
You could barely survive on your own but still you flow and giggle -
Our short moments of joy and togetherness is worth more
Than a thousand nights of being surrounded with gold and its blinding sparkle.

I have a little garden at a corner of my house and I really do talk to my plants whom I love dearly and care for every day.
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