Roann Mendriq

Teacher Outsmarts Her Phone © - Poem by Roann Mendriq

My teacher is outstanding, she's very very smart,
Her calculus, incredible; Her maps, a work of art!

So when I saw her one day, alone and quite confused,
staring at her brand new phone, I admit I was amused!

She gazed at it with baleful eyes, She touched it and she flinched!
and when it buzzed, she gasped aloud, Her face looked wan and pinched!

"It's awful, child, " she whispered, "It has a mind of all it's own,
It sits and stares and blinks at me, They said it's a smart phone? "

I dived in to the rescue and began to gently teach her,
how to download, view and text, each and every single feature.

Her eyes began to sparkle, as she swiped her first touch-screen,
She laughed aloud and cheered, "An intelligent machine! "

She sends a thousand messages, she lectures lengthily online,
She downloads knitting patterns, of intricate design!

She keeps a tab on students, she won't condone a slacker,
She stalks and hunts them down, on her GPS phone tracker!

She broadcasts our assignments, a daily dirge transmitter,
and keeps our Mums informed, of our progress on twitter!

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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