Teardrops Of Yesteryear

Rating: 2.1

Some teardrops fell upon my bed,
I heard them in the dark.
Remembered dimly what I'd said
last night, that one remark
could well have shocked her, maybe hurt,
but would she cry hot tears
about emotions that I stirred
or deep and ancient fears?

I had been mean to her again,
it's always when at work
that supervisor idiot Ben,
who's quite the bloomin' jerk,
keeps riding me, his hobby horse,
all day including lunch.
And in the air the word 'Divorce',
well noted by that bunch
as failing in my sacred duty
'don't bring your work home to this house! ',
so said my little scrumptious cutie,
(while anger did expand her blouse) ,
thus she had made her salient point,
yet men don't seem to learn so quick.
So when you file a truly joint
through thick and thin and always stick
a tax return, and have some kids,
it's slightly late for a revision.

Plus, come, let's face it, use your wits,
it wasn't your decision,
your destiny made introduction,
she'd been selected by the gods,
you sat there, waiting for the suction
that would attract with splendid odds
a pheromone affinity.
Your brain would be somewhat corrupted
to recognise divinity
in her alone. In short, you copped it.

Unhelpful thoughts, newly adrift.
And still, I felt the teardrops fall.
My spirits needed one big lift,
I'd make her happy, that is all.
My hand reached over, light of touch,
I placed it on her lovely thigh,
my words would never mean too much,
that's when she asked 'Why do you cry? '

That night was long, we talked and talked,
and in the morning put on jeans,
went to the river, walked and walked
and spilled the last of all our beans.
And now and then my love will say
'remember that strange night,
in nineteenseventy, in May,
when after that big fight
you sat in darkness in our bed
and felt the tear drops clearly,
when you were down and very sad.
And cried? I loved you dearly
the night you had your little cry
it's when my doubts did fade.
And ever since you've been my guy,
my God, we've got it made! '

Herbert Nehrlich1 16 April 2005

I assure you I have no interest in your 'work' at all, therefore I do not mark it. I also have no interest in having you mark my work. I had a look at the rating of the poets and could not find you at all. I am sorry about that but I can't help that.

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Andy Konisberg 15 April 2005

if you, Allan, and 'pals' will stop marking my work (with 1's) , I will grant your humble request. but until that moment, you'll have to 'take it up the chufter' as I believe you like to say.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 15 April 2005

Would you mind reading someone else's poems. I do not want you to comment on my work. It should be possible to honour this request. H

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Andy Konisberg 15 April 2005

right. I'd like to assess this constructively and without juvenilia. AND I will award it a fair mark. I'm not keen on the rhymes, but in a renewed call to live-and-let live...I think this is worthy of a 7.

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