Falling into pieces
Shattered on the floor
Broken in so many ways
Crying here alone once more

Emotionally so broken
Physically so scarred
Crying tears of feeling
And crying tears of blood

As I lie here crying
In pieces on the ground
Searching to release this pain
And this is something I have found

As I pick up my blade
And draw it down my skin
My head begins to clear
And I realize the mess I’m in

I watch the cut upon my arm
As it begins to weep
Crying deep dark tears of red
I wonder how long it will keep

Crying out these feelings
As the tears fall to the floor
Not realizing how much my arm would cry
My eyes start to once more

Untitiled and unnamed 12 August 2007

Another great 'dark' write..nice

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arkay dass 21 October 2006

'tears' describes many shades of it, tears are meant to fall.it falling lies fulfillment, many a times we fight back tears.this poem is tear-socked, the the blood and tear taste similar...intense personal poem, describes a state of mind.

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Untitiled and unnamed 21 October 2006

***** (five stars) A wicked dark write, being a fan of the darker side of poetry, I found this a good read, It is good, dark and with a message. A good write, well done... Lee...

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