Teen Crush Poem by emebet mesfin

Teen Crush

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four boys in my neighborhood
who were interested craftily zoomed
formed a group to help them scoop
my attention using individual invention
this happening left a lifelong impression
especially when I heard from my friend
who was dubbed a courier of a kind
by one of them who grew up with her
to intervene in his favor
I was informed but wasn't moved
couldn't submit at all to his proposal
when he heard was bewildered
girls he knew wouldn't have dared
to go against advice from peers
got back at me for the diss
telling my friend the group's intent
in getting together to win my heart

the eldest of all pulled out automatically
handling the situation diplomatically
weighing how it would be unfair
competing with a wild younger brother
the third one was so direct
expressing himself as to how he felt
asked me out with such assertion
his ruse being same level of education
I declined deflating his righteous mind
I shouldn't have been told about the boys world
I was hopelessly hooked when I examined
preferred the one who first deserted
chasing him became my mission
waiting patiently during intermission
inside the compound of summer school
followed his every move like a fool
a new era was unfolding before my eyes
am having confusing exciting disturbing desires
my heart pounding when he appeared
aching for his acquaintance, I wondered.

why oh why wasn't he like his brother?
who smoothly blended like the weather
befriended my sibling through pigeoning
started bringing to our house
his colorful pigeons in a large box
the boys summer passion joined force
they searched high and low going around
with other boys in our neighborhood
they spent hours studying their possession
the two of them looking like leaders of a nation
coaching their allies with such strong urge
how to rescue birds when they surge
unsuspectingly into traps set by foes

now I declare if you care
to hear more about teens back then
when school closed in the rainy season
apart from soccer chasing each other
wrestling boxing outsmarting waging war
nothing comes close to lying on the ground
listening to the tottering sound
brought about by the caged pigeons
confining them in boxes with holes
restricting their movements
depriving them
their freedom
now that isn't the only worry
if they let them out to be free
they fly away and will be lost
so they delight keeping them tight

am no pigeon but fell in to
trap set for me by you know who
frequent visitor of brother dear
who succeeded in drawing near
enough to produce the proper means
of approaching the girl he loves
narrating about the pigeons he had
methods he used to keep them sound
dramatizing making me giggle
displaying how they always wiggle
I thrived in his company
became inseparable gradually
his brother didn't mind when I overstayed
for all they know am the girlfriend
decided to clear the air once and for all
pointing out to my friend they caused my fall

everyone thought we were in love
both of us were trying to solve
the problem close at heart
couldn't hide the misery we felt
disclosed the intense feeling I harbored
to the big brother he was horrified
at my relentless audacity guised
in the cloak of friendship
disregarding the relationship
he took no heed no matter how I pleaded
defending his brother who patiently waited
going great lengths to please
covering his hurt not to lose
the friendship he valued
more than the wound he carried
I salute you big brother
for the simple truth you utter
hold on to what you have

Saturday. March 19,2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: freedom,love,pigeons,teen
fatemeh zolfagharian 18 July 2022


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Emotional, passionate.. good

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Chinedu Dike 15 February 2018

Deep and very passionate piece of poetry embellished in beautiful rhyme with insight. Thanks for sharing.

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Edward Kofi Louis 21 March 2016

Exciting disturbing desires! With the muse of love and life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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