The transmission of messages through signals for communication,
Is known as Telecommunication.
In ancient times, messengers, pigeons and beacons,
Carried out long distance communication.
In the modern era of electricity and electronics,
We use telegraph, telephone and fiber optics.

A basic telecommunication system consists,
Of three primary units.
A Transmitter converts information into signals,
Which are taken to a Receiver through several Physical Channels.
The Receiver, reconverts the signals into information,
Before it reaches its final destination.

Guglielmo Marconi, brought a revolution in wireless RADIO communication,
While the TELEPHONE was Alexander Graham Bell’s invention.
George Stibitz’s researches lead to the development,
Of a process called ‘Request for Comment’.
This formed the basis of a four-node network called the ARPANET.,
Which eventually merged with other networks to form the INTERNET.

Communication with anyone, anywhere in the world, is now possible,
Since physical distance is hardly an obstacle.
People can easily stay connected with friends and family,
Social Networking sites are also gaining popularity.
Thanks to telecommunication,
The whole world is like one big nation.

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 30 March 2010

Yes, the whole world has turned into a global village.

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Siddharth Singh 28 March 2010

Its like taking a class in telecommunications. No wonder you are a teacher, supriya. Very informative.

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