Tell Me Where Should We Go?

Tell me where we should go
Because when we are alone you follow us, but you don’t need to be with us

You want to disturb us
How far should we run away from you?
Tell me where we should stay
Tell me what we shall do
Because when we do something you need to disturb us
Tell us where we belong
Because when we stay where we belong you follow us
Tell me what you need
Because you left us and we forget about you, now you keep on intimidating us
Tell us if you want us to respond to what you are doing to us

Tell us if you don’t like to see us alive
Tell us if you can survive alone if we can just disappear in this universe
Tell us if you need to eat us
Yours truly, problem is:
You hate everything
You love everything
You are not satisfied
You are always looking for something but for nothing
That is why you can tell nothing what so ever you can say what you want

You are hungry but not for food
You are thirsty but not for food
You are running but not for a purpose
You are crying but not just for a reason
You are angry but without any problem
You are happy but not just because you are amused
Yours truly, mad

The larva are wobbling in your brain vessels
You cannot stop talking too much
Talking something that does not even making a sense
But talking tissues of lies, violence and sometimes nothing
I wonder why people cannot understand you
I wonder why people feel pity of you
I wonder why people should not run away from you

You have shaped this world so much differently
Sometimes we have to sleep in the forest, fight, kill each other and swear because of you
Yes it is all because of you for even the pastor do swear sometimes
But it all because of you
There are the things which God Made Mistake about when he creates this world
Some of them are visible and they can be seen and some of them invisible
God I am very sorry – to found you faulty for the first time
But today I have to tell you face to face
You have been a multi-warrior and human’s most favorite redeemer indeed
But there is one thing that you might forget to take out to each and every one of us
No one has any jealousy
We all have got good and bad jealousy hidden in our hearts
I have discovered that right in myself and in many people
I am not really jealousy – but sometimes I feel jealousy and I force myself to overcome it
I am thinking of the situation where by I was forced to live my friend one day
We were sitting together looking at his School Report
I felt jealousy over how he has performed
But look:
This person has been helping me when I was at High school
He has been lifting me to school with his car
We are on the same church
But the way I was breathing when I saw his passing symbols was going to picture me as somebody who is witchcraft
So I refused to get used by jealousy
I left and go to cry – for I did not understand why God did left me to be jealousy if I was not jealousy
From then I learned a new lesson
I used to discriminate Gays and Lesbians
I used to say they are having no morals and they lack respect too God
But I have finally forgave them
I wish you forgive them to and maybe pray that one they come to realize that:

They are the victims of JELOUSY
You know that I have never sinned against you willfully
You know that I am your child
You know that I shall never cease to miss you
But through it all: truths must be revealed
You did not gave us a cure for overcoming jealousy
Even if Jesus is coming back to kills those who are sinners
It will not be a solution any more
Yes I know that everybody is waiting for home of hope where all righteousness shall dwell
But what about jealousy
I am even doubtful about heaven – if I am thinking about the issue of jealousy
Lord – do you need to destroy us or jealousy?
Even I do not belong to heaven – for I shall never forgive myself why I am jealousy while I am not jealousy

Please people take this seriously
I am asking this question on all over the world pastors
Maybe this could be solution to all sort of political unrest, diseases, dissatisfaction and anger that shall dwells from God
Stop it before it too late! ! ! !

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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