Ten Thousand Days Of Tears Poem by Andrew Rose

Ten Thousand Days Of Tears

Rating: 3.0

In a world drained of colour,
Drained of warmth and light,
Falls a single tear,
Echoing through the night

This single moment,
It rips through time,
Spreading cracks across the glass,
In which this world hides behind

Within this tear lays a royal hope,
Visions of happiness and joy,
With that tear falls everything the planet ever held onto

The face it fell from is the last of a dying race,
An immortal beauty,
The world’s royal grace

The last pure soul,
Holding out against a darkness,
Engulfing this godforsaken world

The last pure soul,
Now slumped against the floor,
The hope is lost,
Evil has won,
The world is damned to hell

Save for the tear,
That’s crashing through time,
Spinning the clock back,
To when the world was less benign

Spinning through ten thousand days,
Of tragedy and despair,
Invasion by a darkness,
That drained the world,
And inhibited it with fear

Ten thousand days that left the world
A numb and broken place,
A desolate,
Lifeless desert,
Where black sand storms,
Cull the waning race

Ten thousand days earlier,
A tear falls upon a king’s face,
It sinks beneath his skin,
And slips down to its final resting place

It lays there within his heart
And resonates through his soul,
Right down to the fringes of his being,
Banishing darkness within,
And bringing forth a new beginning,

His apocalyptic actions forever changed,
To the good judgement of a king,
His bountiful kingdom forever changed,
Now that the darkness shall never begin

The tear it saved this world,
From ten thousand days of sin…

Holly Heron 21 September 2006

I like.

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