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Im still an amateur at this, but i like writing alot, it gets my thoughts out of my head, and my good poems get my feelings out of my heart, so my poetry really just represents who i am... Hope you Enjoy =) The Poems added that have The Black Rose at the bottom are off my other account, but i decided to move all my poems over. Became annoying with two accounts.

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The Dark And Me

Im lost in my own dark little world,
it has four walls,
a window,
& a door,

Do You Love Me?

You say that you love me,
but do you really love me,
will you ever forget me,
will you always miss me,

True Love

True love lasts forever,
it gets you through thick and thin,
True love conquers all,
it never lets you give in,

Hearts Are Gods

Hearts are gods just always beaten,
Yet still you leave me so defeated,
How hard is it to be-just me breathing,
My lungs ignore air and go on screaming,

My Reality

How did i end up like this,
My life is falling down round my head,
I feel like i should be dead,
My soulmate is lying with someone else,

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