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Im lost in my own dark little world,
it has four walls,
a window,
& a door,

True love lasts forever,
it gets you through thick and thin,
True love conquers all,
it never lets you give in,

You say that you love me,
but do you really love me,
will you ever forget me,
will you always miss me,

Hearts are gods just always beaten,
Yet still you leave me so defeated,
How hard is it to be-just me breathing,
My lungs ignore air and go on screaming,

How did i end up like this,
My life is falling down round my head,
I feel like i should be dead,
My soulmate is lying with someone else,

If Roses were poems,
Id lie down all day,
Picking the petals,
to count out dismay,

I am in Love with a girl,
Everything is perfect,
Except for one thing,
Those little things,

As your hands touched mine for the first time,
and your body was partly shaded out.
Our worlds crossed in the stillness of darkness,
our destiny was going to be told.

Cant stand this anymore,
ravaging my world just like before,
all those times i look at you,
wonder what i ever saw in you,

Life is but a dream,
your painted with vivid strokes of memory lasting forever a trace,
to wake up is torture,
with you hanging just within the imagination and just out of reach,

Black Petals lay across the hay,
crimson pools around his feet,
a mirror so that only he can see,
last words dying across his face,

If White fell all around the place,
I’d take it all & make a space,
For me and you to sit and hide,
Pretend there’s no more world to die,

Wounded by a blade of no material world,
leaves a mark that can never trully be healed,
each time someone else crys the fate,
i fall,

Dark blade in hand,
its fate in your back,
while eyes of the abyss,

Eyes of oceans,
Deep blues and greens,
Forever changing,
To the beat of the waves,

For all the hope you’ve given,
For all the smiles we’ve shared,
For that warm fuzzy felling,
That seems to float round my heart,

Sitting there with my hand so close to your heart,
i can almost feel you,
almost see inside...

Those three words
Ill never forget...

Your collapsing body

An Angel flew down to this earth
She sat among my friends and me,
Her stunning brilliance there for all to see,
Yet somehow it was only between her and me,


Your cursed words pass by me,
Your anger shall not hurt me,
Each word that you have spoke now,
Your flaws will mirror that,

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Im still an amateur at this, but i like writing alot, it gets my thoughts out of my head, and my good poems get my feelings out of my heart, so my poetry really just represents who i am... Hope you Enjoy =) The Poems added that have The Black Rose at the bottom are off my other account, but i decided to move all my poems over. Became annoying with two accounts.)

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The Dark And Me

Im lost in my own dark little world,
it has four walls,
a window,
& a door,
Its forever 3am and sleep escapes me once more,

Im doomed to lie here,
with only my conscious as comfort,
& the dark as my friend,

Only i know whats said in the dark,
whats done in the dark,
Im left to myself in the dark,

The sandman,
he is no saviour,
for he has not come tonight,
now i must seek the safety of day,
of light,

Only hell is alike,
with purgatory for dessert,
I can only hope,
for sweet somnium,

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