Tere Bin Hm Kaise Jee Payeinge..[maaaaa] Poem by shraddha shraddha the poetess

Tere Bin Hm Kaise Jee Payeinge..[maaaaa]

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Tere bin hm kaise jee payeinge,,
tere bin kaise muskurayeinge..
tere bin kiske sang khilkhilaayenge..
sawaal hai ye k tere bin jee bhi payeinge? ? ? ?

tujhse hai shaam tujhse hi saweraa...
tujhse juda hai vajood bhi mera..
tujhse bsa hai meri khushiyon ka basera..
tujhse chaha bhi to bs sath tera..
ab tu hi bta tere bin y khushiyaan hm kaise payeinge....
tere bin hm kaise jee payeinge..? ? ?

hr mushkil hr takleef m,, dil n tujko hi pukaara..
jb bhi ghiri mai mushkilon m,, tune hi mujhe sawaara..
tere liye kuchh b kr jaoon mai,, y rishta mujhko jaan s pyaara..

chahe jitni bhi door tu ho jaa..hm tujhe na bhool payeinge..
maa tere liye hi jeete hain..tere liye mar jayeinge......
tere bin ab tu hi bta hm kaise jee payeinge........

agar tu na hogi paas,,,
to teri yadon mei simat jayeinge...
teri khushiyon ki khatir maa,,
hm kuchh bhi kr jayeinge.......
keemat lge meri jaan ki bhi agr..,,
to bhi khuda se tere gam khareed layeinge.....
teri beti bnne ka mauka mile agar,,,
to hr jannat kko chhod aayeinge.........
ab tu hi bta tere bin hm kaise jee payeinge.? ? ?


this poem is again dedicated to my maaaaaa........as i can't live without her..............
Shraddha The Poetess 04 September 2013

thank u so much bhaiya.......

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Gajanan Mishra 04 September 2013

terebin kaise jee paenge, good write, thanks. I like your poems.

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Aman Arora 07 September 2013

Poetry in any language should follow one rule: rhythm. I think you should work in structuring of sentences to maintain that.

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Shraddha The Poetess 05 September 2013

thank u so much sir... keep blessing............

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Nirvaan Babbar 05 September 2013

once again BRAVO....... pretty good poem

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Shraddha The Poetess 04 September 2013

thnx gajanan sir thanx ramesh sir..............and keep blessing......

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Ramesh Rai 04 September 2013

touched my heart. keep writing without any expectation. future is yours. but remember poetry is devtion which is ever alive. novel story may b outdated but poetry never/ it is also my earnest request not to disturb your study for poetry bcoz this is the time for you to mould your life for a better tomorrow you have to write poetry till the end of life. so always take care. my blessings r always with you.

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