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Thank You. - Poem by Squizzle Jellyfish

This isn't truly a poem, but I like to think it's poetic...

Assignment One: Write a story that tells the meeting of two people without using any dialogue.

Two people wait at two separate bus stops. They've never met, yet somehow, their paths have crossed on hundred times before. She spots the sunshine-yellow school bus approaching and steps to the curb. The dark double-door peels open and she climbs the stairs swiftly, anxious to see long-lost friends once again. She recognizes no one in the gloomy interior, so she shyly settles into the last empty seat. She watches the world pass by her window as unfamiliarity creeps in and surrounds her.
A few streets over, he waits impatiently for the same bus on a morning just like any other. It was his first day and he had no idea what to expect. He stepped on the bus, cringing, as his eyes fell upon each occupied seat. Faces turned away, pretending not to see him. Other shot glares his way, seething hostility. Then his eyes focused on seat thirteen. Her eyes gazed desolately out the window and her hair fell in a maze of red-tinted waves. He was drawn to her; not because she looked as lost as he felt, but because he hoped they could be found together.
Assignment Two: Write the same story using only dialogue.

'Do you remember the day we first met? ' he asked her the night after their wedding.
'Of course, ' she said, 'how could I forget? It was your first day of high school and you rode my bus.'
'That's not very descriptive, love...' he said.
'Ummm...' she racked her brain for lost memories.
'Don't you recall that every seat on the bus was taken? When I got on, everyone stared me down... everyone except you. When I sat next to you and really looked at you, I saw a girl who looked entirely lost within the world outside her window... I just wanted to thank you for letting me be the one to find you.'

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