Thank You Mummy Poem by Tshenolo Ntau

Thank You Mummy

For all the swords you contended with
Just for my good
That I may be kept alive and whole
For all the swords you contended with
Whilst I was on a sick bed
Sleepless nights, endless travelling hardships by day
In search of my health solutions, providing for me
Thank you Mummy

Toddler stage had its own swords,
So did adolescent and teenage and young adulthood
Yet none of them could pierce through my body
For you were there turning every sharp to blunt
With your uncompromising faith, unconditional love and goodness

Beautiful memories still overcome all encounters with different swords of life
You didn't have all you could wish for
But you knew how to build contentment in your home
Gratification was a daily order
Constantly being reminded what to focus on

Your silence whenever disappointed in me was so painful
How at times I wished you could shout at me just so I could feel better
But you will remain silent, for your silence to deal with me
But still I thank you Mummy, it could not be better

High expectations and the pressure that came with all of it
Unshakable traditions which some even today I'm still to get their logic
Yet somehow came to define who l have come to be
And hid me from the many swords of life to who l am today
Thank you Mummy

Thursday, May 16, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: family,mother
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