Unveiling- Beautiful Memories Poem by Tshenolo Ntau

Unveiling- Beautiful Memories

The apprehension of the tragedy still lingers in our minds
The overwhelming unwanted reminder of your absence haunts us
It is still fresh like it was yesterday, mhh!that dreaded day
When words felt short to express the agony and the pain
Not even water could quench the thirst felt within
No expression could narrate the ceasing of a flower that blossomed in the garden
But we are left with beautiful memories, a healing balm to wounded souls

Boundaries and stereotypes could not contain him
The beauty of the heart to serve was beyond comprehension
With joy and love each day was filled with amazing twists and turns
Unfolding to the bright future that laid ahead
Though curtailed along the way, the legacy still lives on as beautiful memories
For beautiful memories are a healing balm to wounded souls

Your legacy is an aroma which we shall always rub on
Your children are like thurible carrying burning essence of your legacy
Regardless of the swings it will be dangled to and from by the unknown
The sacred remnants of your beautiful soul's light and fragrance shall not fade
We shall rub on the sweet aroma and cherish every moment spent with you
For beautiful memories are a healing balm to wounded souls

Friday, August 17, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: death
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