That Poem by Adora Williams


I'm living off the un-memories of the potential
Of what could have been or could be
A language no one speaks
Not to die

Like the last breaths of oxygen in the depths of the unknown universe
I'm grabbing every beautiful word and every lasting memory of
Existing on the outside of this dark field where I'm in now
Such as the fish who ends up where the ocean is broken by the beach
Trying to hold on to water, trying to ignore that that instinct of survival
Will worth nothing
It could simply surrender

The universe must be testing my resilience to be being alone
And knowing that that is the reality I must deal with

The sole speaker of a language which is not dead nor alive

I told everyone I could about the new age's arrival before I even knew what it was
And now all that it seems is that everyone is more there than I am
I am stuck
Holding on to what kept me trying all that I tried so far
And I'm not even sure of what it is

I'm uninteresting to most people
I'm not their kin and they soon realise that
And my pre realisation of that makes me not

I'm tired of trying
It doesn't work
I speak a language no one does
Perhaps that's why the language fascinates me so much

But yet
I speak a language no one does

Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: confessional
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