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(dedicated to a great poet at poemhunter, Mohammed Al-balushi)

a hard rain
dropped last night

(dedicated to Ms. Dawn Upshaw, a great soprano)

why you so pale?
O fallen feather!

I carry within shells
Indescribable feelings
Amidst luscious dreams
I carry unraveling memories

who knows?
keep writing!
keep on rhyming!
enjoy your life!

(dedicated to Ms. Lorraine Hunt, a great mezzo-soprano)

a fallen leaf
hugs the roof

a cloud came down
and spread over
it kept on coming
closer and closer

a small landlocked country
eastern Pyrenees mountains
bordered by Spain and France

(dedicated to Mr. Thomas Adès, a great conductor and composer)

What make you
So sad and pale

(dedicated to Fay Slimm, a great poet at poemhunter)

we're just very direct with each other
we give each other information in

(dedicated to Ms. Lynda Robson, a poet friend at poemhunter)

by my love-longing for you only
is your heart not softened?

I walk through snowy avenue
nobody there, just a glance of you
darling, when you realize what I am
to your life and to your freedom

(dedicated to Mr.Esa-Pekka Salonen, a gifted conductor)

frozen zephyrs blow softly
grey leaves sway tenderly

(dedicated to Musica Viva Australia)

a river full of hopes
we fly peaceful flags

O lamb of gleaming richness!
listen to firefly’s happiness
it moves the audience
to reject unbalance

there is a magic
in the way you walked
along a whispering green road
it resonates in your sweet smiles

(dedicated to people who love sports)



(dedicated to the memory of my friend, Mr.Shimon Weinroth)

a voice from heaven
you heard

a home for a person in heaven
who gives up arguments
even if he is on the truth
who gives up lying

Chirping mantra ascend
A true heart will be sent
Liszt's Pharaphrasen
I long much to listen


(dedicated to Saint Cynosure, a poet friend at poemhunter)

Bread is dancing inside December
I think I know what I’m doing

Ahmad Shiddiqi Biography

I was born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia on March 7,1974. I love poetry, Classical Music, traditional art, music, dance, movies, television programes, radio broadcasting, knowledge on internet, Anime movies, Anime TV series, Korean and Japanese TV dramas, magazines of art and culture, correspondence, seas, beaches, paddy fields, museums, traveling, books of fiction and self-help, and friendship. I also love rock music (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Rush, Def Leppard, White Lion, and Skid Row etc.) , Japanese and Korean music (L'Arc En Ciel, Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, Le Soo Young, Do As Infinity, Hitomi, and Kitaro etc.) , Hip Hop R'n B music (50 Cents, Sean Paul, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, and Shaggy etc.) , Reggae music(UB40, and Bob Marley etc.) , DJ Tiesto, Yanni, Sarah Brightman, Kathleen Jenkins, and Indonesian music. I also love paintings (Monet, Manet, Degas, Sisley, Seurat, Van Gogh, Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Turner, Hokusai, and Affandi etc.) . I ever studied at Diponegoro University in Semarang, Social and Politic Faculty, Department of Communication, Public Relations. I ever lived and worked in Bali, Indonesia. Now, I'm living in Demak, Central Java, Indonesia.)

The Best Poem Of Ahmad Shiddiqi

A Drop Of A Water

(dedicated to a great poet at poemhunter, Mohammed Al-balushi)

a hard rain
dropped last night
minutes to hours
so cold so scary

a reservoir
laid above us
from nineteen thirties
so vast so majestic

O pondering rainy night!
you said hello passionately to us
were you missing your friends here?
we felt that you are a refreshing gift

O great Situ Gintung Reservoir!
you watered tenderly our environment
were you loving your friends from up there?
we felt exactly that you are a relieving present

very long rain and old water resistant
around two until five after midnight
Situ Gintung's badly broken apart
huge water came down very fast

smashed homes, trees, and stuffs
crashed people, old and young
took our all life, rich and poor
separated from beloved ones

we cry for you, sisters
we pray for you, brothers
if a sad thing should happen
it must be happened, my friend

we weep deeply
we scream to the sky
why it must be done to you?
human and nature mourn to you

it reminds us
Flood of Noah
it reminds us
Tsunami of Aceh

it reminds us
to rethink what we've done
it reminds us
to reconsider what we've walked in

O God, who has all heavens, and earth!
Your Love is bigger than Your Anger
O God, who hold our lives and our deaths!
Your Will has happened in that pathetic morning

O God, who has sun, all planets, and all moons!
Your Grace is greater than Your Punishment
O God, who hold thunder, earthquake, and eruption!
Your Care is upon us, upon our sons and our daughters

O God, who has seas, stars, and continents!
Please, be pity on us, on your weakest creatures
O God, who hold wind, water, fire, ice, tree, animal, and soil!
Please, give mercy upon us, upon our fragile hearts, spirits, and souls

(with deepest sadness to Situ Gintung Tragedy on March 27,2009
in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia)

Ahmad Shiddiqi Comments

Vida Nenadic 19 August 2008

Bee Bee can sting, too. My answer to your question. With Regards Vida

3 1 Reply
Khoirun Niam 30 August 2008

gutnait, what part of semarang you live in?

3 1 Reply
Cheung Shun Sang 25 October 2008

i could not find your mentioned minature pleasure and zesty as your post. Why

3 1 Reply

I would like to thankyou for your wonderful poetry-you write about many things and I can see your world through your poetry.Keep writing-you are truely wonderful.Namaste.

3 1 Reply
Jerome Brooke 16 January 2009

Good use of stanzas - very good work

3 1 Reply
Khadija Z. 29 January 2018

Mashaallah, Beautiful poems. May you be blessed always, Ameen

1 1 Reply
Prince Obed de la Cruz 27 October 2009

most of the time sir shiqqi is really a great writer. One of the best!

3 1 Reply
p.a. noushad 12 August 2009

lovable and tender your writings are

3 1 Reply
Kuji Soliman 10 July 2009

I love his poems because they come from his heart, weather he talks about love, sports, anything...he just puts both his heart and his mind...and that is the greatest thing a poet could have! and he is also unique because he adds his personal style in his poems, , , and the words speak for themselves, they reveal his personality...

3 1 Reply
Omar Ibrahim 27 May 2009

actually, i like his poems the most.........i am honest.......he has a special way of writing....in addition, he is well educated.and i like this kind of people.......

3 1 Reply

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