Thats' Not The End

Rating: 5.0

Sad moments, feeling down and low
finding absence of all and sundry
unable to comprehend yet standing at cross roads
nothing mends ur way and going gets tougher
just remember to surmise that
a dawn is in waiting and dusk is fading
Come and take a step forward to whistle
and sing that's not the end, not the end, not the end

Everything to you is not sacred, dreams have shattered
even while standing on the bent knees
and raised hands for pray
don't know what's up for the day
Storm clouds gather around, heavy rains descends
even taking a step takes heavy toll
you're about to faint
And there’s no one there to comfort you
with a helpin' hand to lend
stand straight, look into sky reach out for stars
firm feets on ground and sing that's not the end
not the end, not the end.

fire in belly irritates you and hands demand work
eyes are swollen askin for rest and legs wanna stretch
words you utter leaves abyssmally low impact
and communication is in wild hindrance
trust is the word you are unable to believe in
perception for you has lost significance
when the fire which kept you roaring
going is not there and burning city catches u by trance
just remember that's not the end, not the end, not the end! !

Life moves on like a wheel, rotates on gold plate
and on muddy bumpy roads may not be straight
Here the spirit never dies
and soul always stores your sacred sanctity
the fire, the urge to last, and the energy
all you need is to close your eyes
look with in your reservoir
and your search never goes in vain
'cause it has never been an end
and the bright light of salvation shines
in dark and empty skies
to make u believe that though life pretends
but never heads for an end.

(Reference based upon a similar song)