What Do You Mean Poem by Anurag Tiwari

What Do You Mean

Rating: 3.6

Why do you ask me, what I mean?
In emptiness of words, it’s difficult
To decipher, existence and solitude.
While looking at front, can earth
Dare to look behind, the rear of moon.
Vanished vampire of eyes, to see
The constellation of self-centered
Autocratic aphorism, to deduce the
Loner round shaped Zero.

Outside sees moon in full spread
Over the relaxing flesh of earth
After a hard sunny day’s work
But can you still say, “What I mean”.
Once rationalized, the hollow and artificial smile
Of moon, in dense forest at midnight
In death like moron kind of shrugged
Far, Far, miles Away, I see, A shaking, shivering lamppost

Burning in unknown redness of
Dried volcano of clotted blood.
Sighs for a subway, but tells nothing
For what I mean while unwinding,
And removing those jazzy clothes, worn
With a choice over the body of a hooker
To get seduced and sublimed into her
Woman like shyness, in a spur of manhood

By habit impersonating those rented saliva
Marked scratches on beauty of curvy moon
With those spotted for crushed bed sheets
And smiles over the sold sensuous fairy cheeks
Tales to bloom like the flowers of pious deeds
Joining that chorus to sing
“What’s that meaning of the Words”
However, On Rent it’s not available to say, “What I mean”

Mental state of self-sufficiency
Spider net introspect microcosm
But selfish motive hanging like locks
At the doors of devotion
And those old rotten iron staircase
Are still with out light yet
Though ‘ve heard the steps of burglars
Always on those stairs, with euphemism to guess who
Not for what the words coming out will mean.

Coins or papers having more to say in hell
Than passionate causes for chairs
Will strive and survive for the meaning of words
Hungry, lying beneath those mud waters of ponds
In saliva of fermented fertilized leaves for birth
Dry rhythm of crying cat’s surveillance for human pain
Animal instincts in human flesh cribbing like jhingur
Still the corridor recites similar words to be meant for
Power stroking proud wolf in forest losing interest
And darkness at noon to for sun to eclipse

Cut and kiss our own wounds with teeth and lips
Defying lies of manipulating genius’s mundane ways
Of miniaturization by cutting and sucking those lips
To gage the meaning of words on cheeks of simpletons
Hateful sight of Templeton maverick falls like untimely slap
To shake and rake in the soul to be asked for what do I mean?
For jealous turpitude and surpassing the self to shrug away with cactus
Usher in an era to find what the words mean.

Hide’n seek at times in the soul of good hearted
Some bad shaped selfish attire for sudden calamity
Over moonlight facing tree seeking mad fresh mango beads
And bats surpassing with chorus of wings for a great noise
In deep solace of night, just to let you tread with fear
Meaning of words then evaporates with loosening ends of breaths
Budding flowers of good-hearted souls inner weakness
For seeking places against the wishes by masses
By going behind the castle to look towards the depth in the valley
Blood sky scrapping in veins to turn into cat wet in rain
Meaning of words then

Pinnacle of golden revolution of ideal aims
Big mansions of thought provoking desires
Crafted and craved at the onset of river banks
Then at times, for a moment, blue sapphire
Immersed in white marble with moon’s full spread
Larger than life walls and aims trespassing like a snake
From those dark caves, for glittering rays of hopes
Or the hanging swords of time testing ambitions

To thrive against all odds and to cross those walls
To flow through that river of charm
Delighted for abstinence yet an eyewash for a desire
To get hold of Maya and to sleep with that enemy
Curtail all her wishes when she asks for more
Thrive on her thighs to build castles over her flesh
Surpass her quest for moksha and to write
Memorable lines in her cave of galore.

Anurag Tiwari

Copyright ©2003 Anurag Tiwari

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