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Blood For You

Feeling ashamed of myself
That didn't helped you in blood bath
Strong hands out of country lanes
Once struggled with mud of farms lands

Black, White & Colored

What if you’re white!
But live in same plight
What if you’re black!
Living life in an old gunnysack

Whimsical Emotions

Windowpanes and shattering shades of curtain
Dancing in tune with blowing winds
Tingles of doorbells, a misnomer
No more waiting, some one is there

O Days Come Back Again

Loveless ness...Loneliness...Emptiness...
Coz I'm ageless for too long....
Come back o my days but not to freeze...
May not be an urban legend but zombie am I...

Life After Tsunami

Now fear even don’t act like weapons
An angel making the toxic ting attempts
As if the town has not yet made any
Significant seizures on lives of many.

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