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The 2: 10 Freak-Show - Poem by Leslie Alexis

I was stuck on the train ride with some prehistoric men;
Many puzzled ones – cocks, who thought they were hens.
The day they paraded – the day they were seen,
Was the 29th October– two days before Halloween.
It seemed that by that fact they were enthused,
So when ‘he’ wore a lady’s hat, I was not fully confused
Nor when, ‘she, ’ in strapless, had hair on face, chin and back
Oh gosh they went on and on, like druggies in need of crack.

The prehistoric men used the N-word, which marks them as slaves,
But for some warped reason, the utterance seemed to make them brave.
As restrained as they were, they spoke of life with no school,
And I that moment I knew those I was observing were common fools.

The puzzled hens wore the best – I spotted Chanel,
I could see that they were male; but, they couldn’t tell.
Just like they could not that orange does not belong in hair,
O! How I wish that they did, or at least found waxing, shaving and Nair.
If it were up to hand signs, I’d be convinced - they had that down,
But, they spoke and dressed, and that made them funny looking clowns.

On the crowded train they were obnoxious and loud,
Boisterous and weird– they stood out in the crowd
Such that many joined with me in the shaking of heads,
When they started talking about their activities in bed.
Things too graphic and disgusting for me to say
Wait, let me tell you of what I saw on Halloween day
Same 4 train with all packed in like freshly caught sardines
I couldn’t move, couldn’t run from words that were obscene
This far surpassed the Ill display I saw and told of before;
A witch was fighting with someone old, crippled, and poor.

He tried to make his way through the mob, yes, it was to beg
For life, war, and woman had left him with only 1 and ½ legs.
But in the crowd was not space for one 110,5 feet and four;
So he shoved and pushed to make for himself a passable door.
In this pushing, somehow he scared the woman’s child,
And for that reason she went berserk and wild.
All of a sudden on the crowded train there was made space,
For the brawl had begun with dread filling many a face.
I heard and saw things I only saw on TV - in film,
The conduct was bad, she acted just like lil Kim;
Not when well grown, but when she was like seven,
I shook my head, and asked for help from heaven.
This was all awfully wrong and so very weird to me
In the end I just thought it’s what sin does to humanity.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 30, 2010

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