The Abyss Within Poem by Sven Rhoads

The Abyss Within

This black hole that has become a part of me
Sucking all the life out of my being
All I crave in my bones is the need to disappear
I cant take anymore of what I'm seeing
The knots in me are becoming tighter than the noose
There are no more words left to say to you
I'm slipping further into the twisted shape of despair
That even in the light I'm shrouded in darkness

Swallowed by the pain of those haunting memories
Why cant these thoughts ever come to cease
Breaking down the very fabric of my eternal being
That now the night will not bring me sweet release

All these dreams of walking hand in hand
Has fallen away like castles made of sand
I'm drowning now before their very eyes
As I slip deeper into the abyss within
All these words that I can hear them say
Leave me hollowed out and I dont want to be
I'm sinking further in the quicksand now
Of who I thought at this point I was supposed to be

The deep I go the darker it gets
It pains me to see their faces
The longer it lasts the more it becomes
I cant get this feeling out of my skin

What is wrong with me
Have I gone too far this time
Every thread that makes me is poisoned
What has happened to me
The damage has surely been done
Is there anyway to cure me from this curse

Into the abyss within I still go

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