The American Dream Poem by Clyde King

The American Dream

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I'm tired of givin'
To the cost of livin, '
Gettin' nothin' in return.

If I was a dollar
I'd surely holler
The way folks make me burn!

You slave all day
To make your pay,
And when the day is through-

Yer no further ahead
Than if you stayed in bed,
‘Cause the guvmint got it too!

April 2019

The American Dream
Thursday, April 11, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: debt,poverty,slavery,work
Chuy Amante 11 April 2019

that's the way it always works on a dualistic planet, if you got doubt, watch your money dwindle- you can plan it

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Clyde King 23 October 2020

Our life is interdependent with all life forms. It’s not an us vs. them reality. Life has to be symbiotic if we are to survive.

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Sandra Feldman 11 April 2019

They say taxes are democratic Everyone, especially, the rich, Must pay their fair share But it's we all That end up with nothing Because for government, There never is enough money Anywhere, except in the politicians Fat pockets. I totally agree with your poem. Thanks for writing, the truth!

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Clyde King 23 October 2020

Thank you Sandra. I wrote this about 45 years ago and it’s more true today. The top 5% of people in this world control 90% of the wealth. They want to make us poor, keep us poor, because we’ve become “debt slaves” to the wealthy power elites.

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Clyde King

Clyde King

San Antonio, Texas
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