The Angel's Name Poem by Tyler Burke

The Angel's Name

They all are known, but none are seen.
They are but real and in our dreams.
When walking down a lonely winter's solstice,
It will come help and bring you your justice.

So different and mysterious,
And yet their presence be heaves us.
Yet I met one, one came out of no where,
We met on a path, a path with a white glare.

Didn't know how to act, or to think, or to say,
Instead it walked next to me on the path which we stayed.
We communicated through heart and through love and pain,
It spoke no words and yet I knew we were the same.

The path came to an end and we looked at each other,
And then it smiled and said ' Goodbye, Tyler '
I watched as I fell or the angel was lifted,
I couldn't tell the difference, but knew I was gifted.

For that path was a lesson, a lesson on life,
Filled with silence and love but with strife.
When we reached the end of our paths,
I didn't care for it's name for I was the angel.

Samantha Rak 23 May 2012

I like this, good job :)

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Tyler Burke

Tyler Burke

Cape Cod, Massachusetts
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