Tyler Burke Poems

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The Angel's Name

They all are known, but none are seen.
They are but real and in our dreams.
When walking down a lonely winter's solstice,
It will come help and bring you your justice.

The Cage

Was found alone
Was found astray
All that's wrong
will come today.

What Was Once

What was Once
Now does not contain such,
But what was Once
Leans on your past's crutch.

Fruits Of A Relationship

You pick the fruits that allow your relations to grow
You mold them mend them with your mind like dough

Some we love and some we hate

The Crown

To crown a king
You must find a man
To find a man
You must seek truth

Those Eyes

It stops you in your tracks
They steal your attention
What others had always lacked
And even knowing that was a sensation

Head Down

Ignore what rushes through your ears
Try to combat what your mind will hear
While others will strive off of their cheers
You look to loses and your biggest fears

Must Move Forward

Wind strays

Bitter days

I Still Smile

I still smile
I have for a while
Losing those seconds,
Clicks of a dial.

I Wish

I can only wish
To show you sights
So unseen

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