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They all are known, but none are seen.
They are but real and in our dreams.
When walking down a lonely winter's solstice,
It will come help and bring you your justice.

Was found alone
Was found astray
All that's wrong
will come today.

What was Once
Now does not contain such,
But what was Once
Leans on your past's crutch.

You pick the fruits that allow your relations to grow
You mold them mend them with your mind like dough

Some we love and some we hate

To crown a king
You must find a man
To find a man
You must seek truth

It stops you in your tracks
They steal your attention
What others had always lacked
And even knowing that was a sensation

Ignore what rushes through your ears
Try to combat what your mind will hear
While others will strive off of their cheers
You look to loses and your biggest fears

Wind strays

Bitter days

I still smile
I have for a while
Losing those seconds,
Clicks of a dial.


I can only wish
To show you sights
So unseen

I heard the sparks
And saw the blaze.
That's how it starts.
A black pillowed maze.

I can not sleep, I can not dream
For all the demons await for me.
My eyes will close, a tiring dose
Down into the nightmare I shall go.

Have you ever had old anger
That comes back like an old story?
When you remember when you were just strangers,
But you were lifted in love and glory?

In the darkened light,
Only I can see.
What was once behind,
Has caught up to me.

Wait too long, you'll miss your cue.
Do not wait, you'll miss her too.
Wait for what? That perfect time?
Or wait to shut, and curtail thine.

My youth is a corrupted one
So violent and dark it cools the sun.
Do not worry, do not fright,
people like me continue to fight.

The angel's shadow is in mind
It overrules it as it's shrine
For it's intentions speak so loud
But hidden actions, silent sound

For all the reasons to love her back,
Disregard them and do not keep track.
But then again you see her side,
Her image strong won't leave your mind.

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Simply put, I am a young out-going boy whose been through many different life changing events. I love poetry and it is one of my favorite ways to express myself. Hopefully, someone will see how I invision, listen like I speak, and will read like I write. Maybe even someone will discover my talent and love for poetry. I was born on Friday The 13 (which to me is lucky not un-lucky) , and has a desire to be known as someone who understood.)

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The Angel's Name

They all are known, but none are seen.
They are but real and in our dreams.
When walking down a lonely winter's solstice,
It will come help and bring you your justice.

So different and mysterious,
And yet their presence be heaves us.
Yet I met one, one came out of no where,
We met on a path, a path with a white glare.

Didn't know how to act, or to think, or to say,
Instead it walked next to me on the path which we stayed.
We communicated through heart and through love and pain,
It spoke no words and yet I knew we were the same.

The path came to an end and we looked at each other,
And then it smiled and said ' Goodbye, Tyler '
I watched as I fell or the angel was lifted,
I couldn't tell the difference, but knew I was gifted.

For that path was a lesson, a lesson on life,
Filled with silence and love but with strife.
When we reached the end of our paths,
I didn't care for it's name for I was the angel.

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As a people, we always seem to be searching for something good to happen, yet we refuse to look graciously in mirrors.

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Tyler Burke Popularity

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